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Helpjuice knowledge base software is used by companies and businesses to reduce support emails and create more happy customers. The software can be used as a knowledge base both internally and externally in an organization to help customers with instant support and to share useful content and information with employees and teams. The software is suitable for businesses of all sizes looking for internal or external knowledge base system.

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Top Helpjuice Alternatives
  • Document360
  • Bloomfire
  • RightAnswers
  • ScreenSteps
  • KnowledgeOwl
  • Safeharbor
  • Magentrix
  • Support Hero
  • nanorep
  • Self Service Center
  • Helppier
  • Crowdbase
  • KBPublisher
  • Spiceworks Knowledge Base
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Top Helpjuice Alternatives and Overview



Documents360 is a powerful document-creation tool that capitalizes on its online nature and competitive pricing plans.

By: Kovai Ltd From UK
Based on 2 Votes


Bloomfire specializes in employee knowledge base tools to help businesses organize their information and content and make it accessible to employees and people as and when they need it.

By: Bloomfire, Inc. From USA
Based on 18 Votes


RightAnswers is an enterprise knowledge hub designed to provide all information and content at a single place to avoid searching too many sources for knowledge.

By: RightAnswers, Inc. From USA


ScreenSteps is a knowledge base system that helps B2B companies build and manage proper suite of customer support documentation that can be easily accessed by visitors, clients and customers.

By: Blue Mango Learning Systems, LLC From USA
Based on 14 Votes


KnowledgeOwl is fully customizable and powerful online knowledge base software used to share information with employees and customers.

By: Silly Moose Software, LLC From USA
Based on 20 Votes


Safeharbor is a powerful, SaaS based knowledge software platform used for effective knowledge management and sharing.

By: Safeharbor Knowledge Solutions From USA


Magentrix software can easily create an internal platform for company employees to share information and...

By: Corporation From Canada

Support Hero

The software can help reduce the number of incoming queries and support tickets by providing...

By: Support Hero From France
Based on 5 Votes


The software is aimed at simplifying and improving customers’ experience by helping them at every...

By: nanorep Technologies LTD From Israel

Self Service Center

The software allows customers to search the solutions, emails, articles, forums, FAQs, incidents and notices...

By: PhaseWare, inc. From USA


It allows users to easily access the guides without having to leave the website or...

From Portugal


The software also features a knowledge base statistics tool to offer important decision-making stats and...

By: Chadha Software Technologies From India
Based on 7 Votes


Businesses and companies can easily gather content and information that matters and share the same...

By: Crowdbase Inc. From Canada


The software is widely used by customer support services that need a centralized database of...

By: Double Jade LLC
Based on 15 Votes

Spiceworks Knowledge Base

The software can be used to share IT tips, guides, knowledge and content with fellow...

By: Spiceworks Inc. From USA

Helpjuice Review and Overview

A knowledgebase software is like a corporate wiki which helps consumers to self-help themselves and reduces the workload of customer support by a lot. It also helps a company manage their team's workflow as they get a quicker response with the need for emails. Thus the corporate get a knowledgebase from where both consumers and employees can get their information without any pain. Helpjuice is a prime software for knowledgebase and management with a huge number of well-reputed customers.

Easy Support for Customers

It results in automation to your customer support with a self-help knowledgebase. It is a very efficient way to keep your customers happy and satisfied with the transparency with product details and services without taking the trouble of a phone call. The software is easy to use with search options as similar to google, and it does not take much time for the user to get familiar with sites in an easier way without any demo. This greatly affects their experience with the service and time savings.

Internal Knowledge-base for team

A substantially huge amount of employee’s time is wasted in searching for useful information and retrieving them through emails and memos. All of which comes at the cost of the inefficient workflow; hence a knowledge base helps them as they can easily refer to them without the need of asking higher authorities for these. All this comes without the requirement of training your employees about how to use it.

Greatness never ends

Well with these great features there is still much on offer by Help juice. It presents you the great analytics about user's requests on your knowledge base and data of their search and information missing and hence informs you about the articles to be written or improved in the knowledge base, thus improving the accessibility of your knowledgebase. Thus further integration to your knowledge base becomes easier and the response is quicker.

Company Information

Company Name: Helpjuice Inc.

Company Address: 1367 Connecticut Avenue NW Suite 400, Washington, DC, USA

Founded in: 2011

Top Features

  • Customization & Styling Tools
  • Multiple Categories
  • Setup Tags
  • Multiple Authors Supported
  • Recording Articles Revision
  • Multiple Access Levels
  • Insightful & Actionable Data
  • Tracking User Searches
  • Tracking Questions
  • Tracking Authors Performance
  • Powerful Customization Options
  • Instant & Intelligent Searches
  • Automated Answers Suggestions
  • Contact Information
  • Grouping Questions
  • Neat Organization
  • Managing User Hierarchy
  • Setup User Permissions
  • Managing Information
  • Dashboard Reporting
  • Tracking Activities