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HRdownloads is a service provider for human resource departmental tasks. It provides a host of documentation services, along with employee time-tracking, attendance, and HR analytics solutions. Along with all this, HRdownloads also provides real-time insights and advice for HR decision-making and relevant training courses for the necessary skill-development of the employees.

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Top HRdownloads Alternatives and Overview



By: Breezy HR
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Collage is a software for providing HR solutions to small and medium-sized organizations.

By: Collage
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Workday allows you to unify your finance and HR, so that you can make better decisions for your company.

By: Workday, Inc From USA


Ceridian’s Powerpay system is a unique payroll and Human Resources (HR) based application that is especially focussed on serving small and medium scale entrepreneurs, businessmen and merchants.

By: Ceridian
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HR-ONE is a fully cloud-powered application created to work as the definitive human resource management system for any size and scale of companies.

By: Uneecops
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Quikchex is a provider of several business utilities and administration platforms, all working on the cloud.

By: Quikchex Private Limited
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Charlie HR

It ensures only the best employee management for them, ensuring their success in the long...

By: Charlie HR
Based on 21 Votes


The software offers some features including Awesome backup...

By: HR Interventions Ltd. From Ireland
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It features electronic data transfer, carrier billing, attendance tracking, government reporting, compensation management, organization charting...

By: Ascentis Corporation From USA
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It acts as an entire HRM suite and offers multiple capabilities for them to manage...

By: JustLogin
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By: Bernard Health
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It offers various features, such as holiday management, attendance management, HR reports, secure document storage...

By: Myhrtoolkit Limited From UK
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It is available as standalone software on PCs running on Windows and macOS, and can...

By: Rippling
Based on 28 Votes

It is he who has the potential to embed a positive culture at work...

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HR Partner

With quality tools, security and other benefits, it truly is the complete HR aid any...

By: Blaze Software
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HRdownloads Review and Overview

The HR department of any company must learn to value information above all. Information about the employees, new hires, job openings, management practices, all is incredibly vital for the smooth functioning of the company. HRdownloads is a cloud platform that provides several solutions for the creation, management, and delivery of HR-specific content. These may include policies, documentation, letters, job postings, and more.

Being on the HR track always

The most important part of the HRdownloads kit is the HR Fundamentals platform. This is the main platform that allows the HR team to create completely compliant documentation and policies, which are created completely according to the company and the jurisdiction under which it operates. It already has thousands of templates designed meticulously according to certain constraints, and which can be easily modified to include additional constraints as well. Another great feature of this platform is that it always keeps the HR administrators updated with the latest changes in state policies.

Policy manual generation has done the easy way

Policy manuals are very important for the maintenance of order in a company and ensuring compliance, and a single loophole can bring the company to its knees. The creation of such humongous and accurate documentation requires a lot of time and effort. Fortunately, the HRdownloads Policy Manual Wizard allows the HR departments to cut some work through the automatic Policy Manual generation. This innovative system uses a questionnaire to help them find the most suitable policy for their document, and then the team can compile the required policies and freely modify them accordingly.

Employee management and employee insights in one pack

Apart from documentations, HRdownloads also provide an employee attendance and time management platform, which enables companies to keep a close track of time-offs and optimizes schedules. Additionally, it also has a survey tool that can be used to gather important information regarding working conditions, feedbacks, etc., through forms. These highly-interactive forms are customizable, can be sent to a specific group of employees only and can even be set to accept digital signatures from the employees to ensure only the presence of only authentic data.

Company Information

Company Name: HRdownloads

Founded in: 2008