An HR manager plays one of the most vital roles in an organisation. It is he who has the potential to embed a positive culture at work. However, his journey is filled with dynamic challenges. To ease up his life a bit, has come up with a lot of Human Resource management solutions, all for free. It receives support from a large number of HR managers and other users.

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  • BreezyHR
  • Collage
  • Workday
  • Ascentis
  • HRdownloads
  • JustLogin
  • BerniePortal
  • Myhrtoolkit
  • Rippling
  • HR Partner
  • HeavenHR
  • Cezanne HR
  • Humanforce
  • Workday HCM
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Top Alternatives and Overview



By: Breezy HR
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Collage is a software for providing HR solutions to small and medium-sized organizations.

By: Collage
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Workday allows you to unify your finance and HR, so that you can make better decisions for your company.

By: Workday, Inc From USA


Ascentis is an HR management software designed to improve the efficiency and accuracy of any type of business.

By: Ascentis Corporation From USA
Based on 28 Votes


HRdownloads is a service provider for human resource departmental tasks...

By: HRdownloads
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JustLogin is a cloud software platform designed for utility by the HRs of companies.

By: JustLogin
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By: Bernard Health
Based on 4 Votes


It offers various features, such as holiday management, attendance management, HR reports, secure document storage...

By: Myhrtoolkit Limited From UK
Based on 8 Votes


It is available as standalone software on PCs running on Windows and macOS, and can...

By: Rippling
Based on 28 Votes

HR Partner

With quality tools, security and other benefits, it truly is the complete HR aid any...

By: Blaze Software
Based on 13 Votes


This human resource management platform provides for external links to unrestricted and fee-based associated features...

By: HeavenHR
Based on 1 Vote

Cezanne HR

It features flexible management, smarter pricing, quick setup, constant updates, employee engagement, and more...

By: Cezanne HR Limited From UK
Based on 10 Votes


All big things start small...

By: Humanforce

It has simplified HR's repetitive tasks and digitized the administration...

Based on 26 Votes

Workday HCM

With enough experience to back their ideas, they built Workday, the perfect solution for the...

By: Workday
Based on 52 Votes Review and Overview

As time passes by, the HR manager of a company comes face to face with new challenges. There is a multitude of HR communities who can provide expert advice, but still, the HR manager has to enact on his own while making important decisions. Over time, a group of HR managers and people from different walks of life aggregated together to create expert solutions instead of advice. This group received donations from a large community which enabled it to provide its services free to anyone who asked for it. The group later became a popular community known as

What have we got to offer?

With, a person can add multiple employees under a single account. The HR manager can even prioritize access to different user data. The services of have military-level encryption on its side. maintains a routine record of all modifications and work instances of a particular day. The HR manager of a company can view all employee expense claims right from his tablet. Emergencies can arise at any point in time in the life of an employee. In such situations, the HR manager can review his application and considering its worth, grant him the necessary leave.

Automatization of the routine tasks of an HR manager

Review the work schedule of employees, and keep a track of their task process right from a centralized panel. Decide the method by which the employees will receive their pay-out. Life would have been much simpler if there was a way by which automatization could be introduced in the daily workflows. connects employees with HR managers even if they are separated by vast distances. Employees can seamlessly communicate with HR managers from any device of their choice.

Never get into any bottleneck situation

Maintaining a proper employee track record means that the company will never get into any bottleneck situation simply for the unavailability of employees. Unite teams across different fronts and get to empower the knowledge base of employees from itself. Be the first to notify employees whenever any new notification pops up. maintains a complete time-stamped record of every action of employee related to the company. Since it is completely managed online, all it requires is a stable network connection.

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