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LinkResearchTools is a fully-featured backlink checker and analysis platform used by many leading online marketing companies and professionals to understand and outperform their competitors. Some of its features include backlink check based on multiple SEO metrics & link backends, updated & accurate database, social votes support, dynamic link profile filters, and more based on plans & pricing. LinkResearchTools include many other important tools, such as, link detox, common backlinks too, link juice thief, etc.

From: Austria
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Top LinkResearchTools Alternatives and Overview


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BROWSEO is an SEO software that displays the webpage without any styles and formatting.

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They also serve to obtain organic traffic from search results by optimizing the user's website...

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Copywritely is a software created for website owners and bloggers to make their content error...

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This application helps many entrepreneurs and small-sized firms showcased upfront in the internet domain...

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It helps to enhance and maintain the search engine visibilities with tools such as monitoring...

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It is one of the world's best open source SEO software that has been...

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It is designed to take various SEO tasks in bigger quantities than the regular SEO...

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LinkResearchTools Review and Overview

Linkresearch tools is a software used for link analysis and building. It combines an enormous amount of data and provides the user insights that are used for further enhancements. It is SEO (Search Engine Optimization) software that helps the companies and organizations improve their search result ranking. The company's website will be listed up the order when this tool is used if the user searches for related keywords, the client's website getting seen on top of the list increases.

LinkResearch Tools is a search engine optimization software. It helps the user in improving their rankings in the most prominent search engines. It is based on four modules that help the user in recovering from prior losses, protecting from other SEO constraints, learning from their competition, and growing traffic on their website.

All the online services are expanding day by day. They use every possible measure to enhance user experience and earn trustworthy customers. Getting a place among the top searches is not a piece of cake in this competitive realm. Understanding the technicalities, people have started using SEO tools to guide them to the top. LinkResearch Tools is ruling the SEO industry for over a decade. It gives insights into their website in order to achieve better rankings on the internet. LinkResearch Tools is link-based, making the metrics unique and illustrated.

Link impacts

Link plays a significant role in search results. Top search engines analyze links, and it reads content to figure out the best documentation for a search query. Few links are harmful to a website need to be removed after analyzing. Link research tool (LTR) is the most advanced tool for link building and analysis.


LinkResearch Tools can be used by a layman. Withdrawing all the technical modules from the layout makes the task easier. In order to save time, the basic functions can be automated. The system makes suggestions automatically to ensure that the user is given every possible solution. The system is loaded with plenty of algorithms to eliminate all the skepticisms regarding the accuracy of the system. The efficiency of the system is increased exponentially through automation and spontaneous suggestions. The system is flexible, making it more focused on consumer demands instead of commonly preferred revisions.

LTR functionalities

Through LTR, technical and link penalties can be recovered. It protects website traffic against negative SEO and technical issues in external and internal links. Users can learn about the other competitor websites with cutting edge. This tool helps the user to grow website traffic with strong backlinks that can simulate towards backlink profile before it is placed. It scans links, not just pages.

One tool with more benefits

LinkResearch Tools works through a common dashboard. Bringing all the relevant data on a single screen helps the user in deciding the actions required without traversing through various windows. LinkResearch Tools is more advanced than other SEO tools as it performs quality checks on the user's end as well as on consumers' end. It also generates a list of all the potential competitors for the user. This feature helps in determining their rankings among the mainstream platforms for apparent comparison and further improvements.

This tool automatically hints and recommends the client's website. With the new SEO metrics developed system, it is much more accurate. Automation helps users to get their job done faster and is very efficient. It analyzes both ends of a link and then impacts to each other. LRT also scans bot block and robot.txt and provides information to the user.

Stay Updated

All the online services that are limited to the same content are left behind. LinkResearch Tools ensures that the user is loading their website with fresh content regularly to keep the customers interested. It also saves the user from having outdated facts on their website. The system uses 25+ link data sources and 150+ SEO metrics to make it reliable and vast. It cleans up junk files and unwanted modules from the website without any manual instructions.

Company Information

Company Name: LinkResearchTools

Company Address: Leonard-Bernstein-Strasse 10/ Floor 7 Saturn Tower 1220, Vienna, Austria

Founded in: 2003

Top Features

  • Off-Page SEO Toolkit
  • Fresh Backlink Data
  • Building High-quality Links
  • Clean Bad Backlinks
  • Google Penalty Recovery
  • Monitoring Backlink Profile
  • Advanced Competitors Analysis
  • Checking Link Opportunities
  • Backlink Profile Analysis
  • In-depth Backlink Data
  • Google Penalties Protection
  • Finding Strongest Pages
  • Recovering Lost Links
  • Link Check Tool
  • Competitive Landscape Analyzer
  • Competitive Link Velocity
  • Quick Domain Comparison
  • Outrank Competition
  • Identifying Promising Keywords
  • Link Opportunities Reviews
  • Bulk URL Analysis
  • Contact Finder
  • Competitors Link Sources
  • SERP Research Tool
  • Missing Links Tool
  • Redirect Trace Extension
  • Research SEO Toolbar
Core Features
  • Email Alerts