LINQPad is a software used to put up queries to SQL databases. This software helps in the development of the NET Framework. The software can be well utilized for writing codes in the SQL, VB.Net, and F# languages. This product is available for free, but if you want to use the C# auto-complete feature, then you have to buy the license for it.

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Top LINQPad Alternatives
  • Cucumber
  • Cypress
  • Zephyr
  • test IO
  • TestPad
  • LambdaTest
  • TestingTime
  • Tricentis Tosca
  • Testlio
  • TestRail
  • Azure DevTest Labs
  • Userbrain
  • PractiTest
  • HipTest
  • dotCover
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Top LINQPad Alternatives and Overview



Cucumber is a framework used to run automated acceptance test criteria developed in behavior-driven development design.

By: Cucumber
Based on 12 Votes


Cypress is an open-source testing tool utilized by QA engineers and developers who are building modern web applications using JavaScript with the front-end dashboard.

By:, Inc.
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Zephyr is a test management tool supports all level of businesses to increase more productivity.

By: D Software Inc. From USA
Based on 10 Votes

test IO

Test IO is a test management software. It is capable...

By: EPAM Systems, Inc.
Based on 16 Votes


TestPAD is a test management that is a fresh approach to manual testing.

By: Testpad Limited
Based on 3 Votes


Lambda Test is a Software Testing tool that has been helping its users as a cross-browser testing cloud since 2017.

By: Lambda Computing Inc.
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It works best for developers who are searching for beta testers to test their applications...

By: TestingTime
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Tricentis Tosca

The tool helps the developers to test their software faster and points out the factors...

By: Tricentis
Based on 18 Votes


It provides specialized testing modules that include a new paradigm of networked testing and burstable...

By: Testlio Inc.
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It comprehensively manage test cases, schedule plans and runs the testing and debugging processes...

By: Gurock Software GmbH From Germany
Based on 27 Votes

Azure DevTest Labs

It can be termed as a pre-provisional environment which effectively reduces the wastage while enhancing...

By: Microsoft
Based on 14 Votes


User testing brings to light the hard sides, confusing areas, or blind spots in a...

By: Userbrain
Based on 26 Votes


It has seamless integration with errors and bugging tools that is agile suitable for agile...

By: H.S. PractiTest Ltd. From Israel
Based on 12 Votes


This is agile testing tool supports scripts and frameworks for your test iterate the unique...

By: Hiptest Inc. From USA


It also acts as a code coverage tool that measures the number of lines, statements...

By: JetBrains
Based on 9 Votes

LINQPad Review and Overview

LINQPad provides support to four LINQ dialects, namely LINQ to Objects, LINQ to XML, Entity Framework, and LINQ to SQL. The software of LINQPad is capable enough to test snippets or program coded in either C#, F#, or VB.


LINQPad is a .NET scratchpad. It is capable of executing queries written in LINQ with an add-on feature of running those queries which are written in VB/ C#/ F#. The snippets get tweaked in a minimal amount of time because of the auto-completion feature of LINQPad.

You can also run a series of statements in LINQPad’s statements feature. Apart from this, it has the facility of running a whole program. It displays the time taken in the execution of the code in the status bar. You can also make use of the previously saved queries. In the My Extensions feature, you can write those methods and queries which can be useful to other queries also.

Dump method of LINQPad

There are times when you want to dump certain properties of an object, and you don’t want to specify them every time you discard it. To help in such a situation, the method of implementing an interface came into the picture, but it was a cumbersome process, and it did not work with grid objects. To overcome the problems associated with the interface method, a new solution of LINQPad’s dump method came into existence.

It gives you a method called ToDump; this method can customize the process of dumping the object by writing a single code into it. You get the option of writing this method on the type itself in LINQPad or can even write it in MyExtensions.

Why go with LINQPad?

The USP of LINQPad is the integration of C# with it. This integration removes the impedance mismatch that takes place between databases and programming languages. With the help of this software you get the facility of using a single query interface to deal with multiple data sources. The methodology of this software is tidy and straightforward yet powerful. In this software, there is a provision of breaking the query into sub-parts and then re-using it across the application. You can also work on relationships without having to join them. It has eliminated the presence of duplicate data.

Company Information

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