Subiz is a Live Chat software for e-commerce platforms through which a website owner can carry out multiple sales and support activities from a comprehensive dashboard. Subiz operators can monitor visitor activity on the website and see which pages they are browsing, where they are coming from and invite users to a live one-on-one chat. The live chat pop-up widget is customizable and can be creatively designed to meld with the overall theme of any website.

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Top Subiz Alternatives
  • LiveChat
  • JivoChat
  • Chatra
  • Rocketbots
  • Surbo
  • uhChat
  • LiveHelpNow
  • SnapEngage
  • Chatkit
  • chatroll
  • REVE Chat
  • Live800
  • HelpCrunch
  • Customerly
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Top Subiz Alternatives and Overview



LiveChat provides real-time chat analytics and software solutions for e-commerce sales and support agents.

By: LiveChat, Inc. From USA
Based on 90 Votes


Jivochat is a live chat solution that helps inquisitive website visitors clear their doubts by initiating a live chat with website operators.

By: JivoSite, Inc. From USA
Based on 9 Votes


This intelligent live chat software offers free as well as paid plans covering almost all the standard features most live chat software has to offer.

By: Roger Wilco LLC
Based on 41 Votes


Rocketbots is a platform that allows users to interact with customers using different messaging platforms.

By: Rocketbots
Based on 2 Votes


Surbo is a chatbot building platform that gives you the chatbot your business needs to keep your visitors engaged and drive more conversions.

By: Surbo
6 is a unique platform that allows anyone, with or without technical knowledge, to create a chatbot that can respond to queries.

Based on 1 Vote


Users may integrate uhChat in their website to ramp up client engagement and drive revenue...

By: uhChat
Based on 1 Vote


It allows you to know more about your customers, increase sales, integrate with third-party apps...

By: LiveHelpNow LLC. From USA
Based on 24 Votes


The software enables Sales and Support teams to chat with website visitors while they are...

By: SnapEngage, LLC From USA
Based on 13 Votes


It handles the complexities of the framework in the backend so that you can focus...

By: Pusher
Based on 1 Vote


It designs a landing page for the webinars and workshops...

By: Chatwing
Based on 6 Votes


The viewers can interact with the text-based AI-bot, voice-chat to the support team, set up...

By: Revechat
Based on 13 Votes


By: GoldArmor
Based on 11 Votes


By: HelpCrunch
Based on 15 Votes


It is an all-in-one solution for all the queries regarding customer handling...

By: Customerly
Based on 31 Votes

Subiz Review and Overview

Subiz is a website-based customer chat solution that aims to make chats streamlined and engaging. It takes the form of a widget, which can be installed on any type of website to facilitate and manage text-based communications with the traffic arriving on the website.

It allows businesses to quickly answer the customer’s queries and ensure that there is no loss in business due to customer inaction. The messenger widget allows the business operators to communicate in real-time with the visitors, while it automates some responses to some common queries or while connecting with a human operator. This makes live messaging highly interactive and increases customer satisfaction.

How does it work?

Subiz uses a mixture of automated chatbot response and human-operator communications, depending on the context. When a customer first communicates in the widget, it sends a customizable automated greeting text in response.

It then collects information about the customer and creates a profile for further communications. Businesses can use Subiz to automatically connect the customer to an operator specialized in their sector of query and can enable the operators to respond easily.

For this, businesses can create a database of the most commonly made responses and edit it with interesting elements, to make the response quick and engaging. Further information can then be collected as feedback for improved communications.

Lead management and automation

The data and contact information that has been collected can be arranged in a database by Subiz, which can be used for a variety of purposes. It can be used as a contact list for digital marketing, or it can be used for targeting demographics.

Subiz allows efficient management of customer profiles and can also utilize the data to connect customers to familiar operators based on their feedback, making the process even more personalized in nature. Also, customer location, date and time data can be utilized in interesting and engaging applications and can be utilized for some additional user research.

Company Information

Company Name:

Company Address: Floor 20th, Vinaconex 9 building, Pham Hung Street, Tu Liem, Hanoi, Vietnam

Founded in: 2013

Top Features

General Features
  • Instant Connection
  • Monitoring Performance
  • Offline Messenger
  • Chat History
  • Agent Allocation
  • Specialized Department Creation
  • Chat Transcript
  • Visitor's Information Monitoring
  • Live Behaviour View
  • Customer Satisfaction
  • Chat Widget
  • Pre Defined Templates
Product Feature
  • Create Dashboard
  • Integrate Google Analytics
  • Track Client Location
  • Client Page View
  • Chat Allocation
  • Performance Management
  • Offline Messages
  • Chat History
  • Chat Transcript
  • Missed Chats Tracking