By: Trello, Inc.

Provides free and flexible project management software that allows you to organize anything with anyone. It features add comments, file attachment upload, checklist creator, labels and due dates, member invites, project discussion, notification system, mobile apps, search and filtering, secure data privacy, and more. The software is available for individuals, business teams, and enterprises.

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Top Trello Alternatives
  • Deskle
  • Teamwork Projects
  • Backlog
  • Wrike
  • Paymo
  • MeisterTask
  • Nifty
  • Asana
  • Shotgun
  • Hive
  • Forecast
  • Aha!
  • Smartsheet
  • Confluence
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Top Trello Alternatives and Overview



Deskle is a visual whiteboard that facilitates team collaborations on an intuitive platform and brings together project managers, digital marketers, engineers, freelancers, innovators, and all other hustlers.

By: Deskle, Inc.
Based on 2 Votes

Teamwork Projects

Provides online project management and task management software. The software...

By:, Ltd. From Ireland


Backlog is a team collaboration and project management system that allow you to create project and assign them to team to better keeping a track of work.

By: Nulab From Japan
Based on 9 Votes


Provides online project management software tools that allow you to go beyond the traditional task and project management.

By: Wrike, Inc. From USA
Based on 142 Votes


Provides online project management application designed for small and medium businesses.

By: Paymo LLC From Romania
Based on 34 Votes


MeisterTask is a project management software and one of the best alternative to Trello.

By: MeisterLabs GmbH
Based on 72 Votes

The project management platform allows to Customize the workflow and manage it in various ways...

By: From Israel
Based on 180 Votes


It enables companies to maintain their work efficiency even when employees are not at office...

By: Nifty Technologies, Inc.
Based on 37 Votes


It features private projects, private teams, unlimited guests, unlimited projects, project dashboard, project status report...

By: Asana, Inc. From USA
Based on 763 Votes


The tool provides collaboration, resource sharing, and reporting features that enable the teams to group...

By: Autodesk
Based on 4 Votes


It enables thousands of companies to manage the workforce and efficiently enable communication between teams...

By: Hive Technology
Based on 34 Votes


It allows the users to track the teammates working on a project, see their availability...

By: Harvest
Based on 19 Votes


It features complete market analysis, goal tracking, strategic initiative alignment, business value of releases highlight...

By: Aha! Labs Inc. From USA
Based on 24 Votes


It features collaboration, file sharing, Gantt charts, alerts and reminders, calendars, Google Apps, mobile apps...

By:, Inc. From USA
Based on 127 Votes


It features unlimited workspaces, rich content editor, custom page templates, file storage and versioning, blogs...

By: Atlassian Pty Ltd From Australia
Based on 138 Votes

Trello Review and Overview

Trello is a task management application that allows you to schedule, organize, manage, and note the progress of the task. You can create your team, add cards, title, assign tasks, and much more. Trello can also be used to manage a small project.

What all does it quell?

To use trello, you need to sign up. With trello, you can create your team and can organize tasks. You get a board in which you can assign a task. You get different sections of which task is to be done, which is in progress, and which task has been completed. This section is called the list of the task. Further, you can also add cards to the task. If you deal with a team using trello, you can also allocate or deallocate any task to any team member.

The card

Card is one of the primitive parts of the task. Cards generally hold the entry, which may be needed by more than one list. These cards can be easily moved across the lists. These cards can also be used to assign members, add a task, a checklist, a label, or a deadline of some on-going or upcoming task. The most advantageous feature of the card is that it can hold a small value to a piece of brief or detailed information according to your needs.

Where can you use trello?

Since it is a task management application, trello can be used for different purposes like content marketing management, guest employee management, invoice management, human resource management, and in many other ways. Some organizations also use their organizational calendar.

Final words

Trello is an efficient application for managing small projects, but if admin handles the application wisely, it can prove useful even for big projects in prominent organizations. For now, trello can be best used for personal task management or a group of a few members.

Company Information

Company Name: Trello, Inc.

Company Address: 55 Broadway, New York, New York, USA

Founded in: 2011

Top Features

Core Features
  • Unlimited Boards
  • Unlimited Lists
  • Unlimited Cards
  • Unlimited Members
  • Unlimited Checklists
  • Unlimited Attachments
  • Basic Power-Ups
  • Third-party Integration
  • Upto 250MB Attachments
  • Grouping & Organizing Boards
  • One-click Access Removal
  • Role-based Permissions
  • Restricted Member Invitations
  • Restricted Membership Invitations
  • Single Sign-On
  • Two-factor Authentication
  • Onboarding Assistance Personalization
  • File Encryption
  • Intrusion Detection
  • Custom Security Review