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Microsoft Visio is a publishing software aimed at creating flowcharts and diagrams with ease. It enables quick access to visual methods and workflow to develop great-looking flowcharts, designs, and org charts. The familiar MS Office family ensures that the files are cross-compatible with the other products. Collaborate with others using the Office 365 experience and enable simultaneous edit workflow. The dynamic nature of charts, along with the applied shape formatting tool, ensures that when the underlying data changes, it changes the graphical representation along with it. It can also provide a full-featured browser experience using Office 365 support.

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Top Visio Alternatives
  • Whimsical
  • ProcessOn
  • LibreOffice Draw
  • Cloudcraft
  • OpenOffice Draw
  • FlowMapp
  • Vecta
  • Space Designer 3D
  • Maptive
  • Dia diagram editor
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Top Visio Alternatives and Overview


By: JGraph
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Whimsical is a platform that allows users to stay organized by designing visuals that go a great length to help them out in professional life on a daily basis.

By: Whimsical
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ProcessOn is a simple online app created to facilitate mental processes through mindmaps and flowcharts.

By: ProcessOn
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LibreOffice Draw

This application lets you create intricate drawings, flowcharts, and diagrams with a host of tools and features.

By: LibreOffice
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Cloudcraft is a platform using which you can create a cloud-based infrastructure and visualize it in a better way using 3D tools and techniques.

By: Cloudcraft Inc
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OpenOffice Draw

OpenOffice Draw is a substantial tool for digital drawings. From...

By: The Apache Software Foundation
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It allows the users to plan all the aspects of the projects for the efficient...

By: FlowMapp
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It comes with a built-in SVG minifier and is highly extensible with JavaScript-based plugins...

By: Vecta
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Space Designer 3D

It is incredibly customizable and flexible, allowing designers to put into paper any type of...

By: Space Designer 3D
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It allows the users to generate charts with specific data displaying at geographical locations...

By: Maptive
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Dia diagram editor

By: The Dia Developers
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Visio Review and Overview

Engineers and business employees require the use of flowcharts and diagrams for a variety of purposes. It includes using the flowchart to depict the flow of control and also show the progress of a particular business model. There are numerous office suites that allow the creation of charts and other diagram representations of ideas. But most of them lack in the user interface. People tend to prefer better aligned and optimized user interface and menu tools instead of a feature-rich but poorly optimized interface. This led to the creation of Visio by Microsoft. It is a reliable and easy to use flowchart creation software with support for collaboration and an optional web-based interface. Create better flowcharts that can change the layout according to the changes in the content that powers the diagram representation. Optimize, connect, and collaborate better using the new Visio office suite.

Creating professional-looking diagrams

Visio enables users to create great-looking diagrams with an artistic touch along with accurate data. It ensures the maximum compatibility with other Microsoft Office products, including Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. Do the work that you need to perform in a visual assisted method and make diagram creation simple. Use modern shapes and templates with the Office templates that the users are familiar with, right from the start.

Intuitive methods allow users to design and publish flowcharts using the provided templates in the Visio workspace. Create diagrams, flowcharts, org charts, and floor plans for architects using Visio. Provide better engineering designs and use them to illustrate the flow of control.

Collaboration feature for simultaneous edits

Since the Visio suite is connected to Office 365 and Office online service, just like every other Microsoft Office product, it enables a fully online experience. It ensures that users can invite colleagues to work on their flowcharts and diagrams while they themselves are performing the editing process. The software provides tools for efficient collaboration and team workflow features.

Include insights from your teammates and use that data to enhance the flowchart experience while correcting the accuracy level of the information being sourced.

Get insights in real-time and update the chart

Dynamic chart modification is used to update the data and the shape of the flowchart or the diagram effectively.  Using the applied shape formatting method, which helps the chart to change layout automatically, it ensures that the design of the chart is continuously updated. The underlying data changes are reflected in real-time as the graph changes accordingly with the data. It is performed either in Visio itself or using Microsoft Office 365.

Visio for web browsers

Microsoft Visio is also available as a web application courtesy of the popular Office 365 subscription. Almost all the features of the Office offline products are available for use along with Office 365. The service enables browser-based content collaboration, drawing flowcharts, and mapping network topologies. It could also be used to document a business model.

Visio brings its benefits into Microsoft 365 by allowing the users to create professional diagrams, collaboration features, and connecting to real-time information to automate the workflow.

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