Business Planning Software

As entrepreneurs and managers track down time for deadlines and meetings, the coming of business planning software solutions does solve the needs of the business class in more ways than one. With the whole lot of choices making way in the market, picking one can often be a matter of confusion.

Business Plan Pro

A good planning solution overall, with good number of customization options and...

By: Palo Alto Software.


With good templates, step wise instructions and ready to avail documents, GrowThink...

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BizPlan Builder

BizPlan Builder remains a hugely supportive software solution for entrepreneurs with unparalleled...

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Business PlanMaker Professional

A decent business planning software that has the basics right in place...

By: Individual Software Inc.

SimplePlanning Business Planner

SimplePlanning Business Planner works for small startups and business entrepreneurs who want...

By: Simpleplanning.

Business Planning Software - Buyer's Guide

Ideally, each of the options in the market works towards creating a business plan that will find its relevance among lenders, bankers, angel investors and financial institutions. Mostly, the software solutions do different in features, but here are a few pointers to find the right choice.

The Option of Scaling

Developers know of the different businesses that adopt planning solutions, and therefore, scalability is something that is often checked on. However, as an entrepreneur, one must check on the business planning scaling of a particular software option, given the fact that each one designed to cater to niche. Some options work well for smaller business, while others with diverse features work for corporate managers.

Cuatomer Support

This is a facet that makes a business planning software worth the investment. With global selling, there is limited personal support, but what you can expect is good and complete instructions with step-by-step help. There are manufacturers, who do offer email and live chat help to businesses in the initial stages or have adequate resources that are embedded in the software.

Depending on the style and magnitude of software programs, the help and support should be put side by side Upgrades are also something worth checking for because no one would want to pay for additional things for the same version of the software. Some companies do have minimal charges, and those might be worth considering.  

User Interface

Once bought and installed, most entrepreneurs do schedule the task of managing software to their respective teams, and hence the user interface is something not worth compromising. Support and instructions can sort things, but a well sorted interface relieves the managers of many tasks that come essential to a business plan. Some solutions do offer choices of templates and plans, but that’s more a part of the customization process, which is next on the list.

Customization Elements

Unless a business planning software has the ability to merge with the business module. Although some of the solutions have more than 1,000 templates on offer, it’s decisive to sort those templates and understand the businesses, industries and markets on which they are founded. Idyllically, entrepreneurs should have a look at the software before making the crucial decision.  

Finally, it is the list of agreements, documents and other small but regular inclusion papers must be a part of the software, to ensure they can be customized as needed. So, whether it a company background or the first cover letter, everything comes to the user as a matter of filling the inputs.

Things & Features Included

Business planning software often have a lot of tools related to management of franchisees, accounting, research, marketing, comparison and lot more, each essentially aimed for better planning. A customized and well intended business plan needs a huge number of documents, forecasts, which comes handy with the tools mentioned. Not everything might come in one package, so it’s indicative to compare the best features from a set of software to make an apt choice.

Adaptability and Compliance

Every lender and investor out there has his own set of needs and requirements, and therefore, some presentations go in Microsoft Excel format, while others go in PDF and Word.  A major portion of the business software solutions work on Excel for necessary suitability, but that’s not the case with all. It’s best to look for one that offers aid on spreadsheets, and later helps to transform the same to other formats as and when needed. Quite obvious, this is not a choice with low end solutions, neither would the small businesses will be enthusiastic to shell for the advanced ones.

With solutions based on budgets, a choice is a matter of sneaking into the best choices in business planning software to find the right one.