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Business PlanMaker™ Professional is a well-intended and planned software solution that works for entrepreneurs, managers and planning professionals in creating quality and advanced business plans. Considering the needs that surround business owners and aspiring professionals today, the software brings all kinds of reports and charts for making the right financial projections and ensuring the complexities are kept at bay.


Business PlanMaker Professional  is the latest available software from the makers, although there was a Business PlanMaker Professional Deluxe version released in 2009. Of course, the latest version comes for an escalated price, but has a lot more features and add-ons that justify the entire hoopla around the software.

Features At a Glance

Unlike many software solutions, Business PlanMaker Professional 12 doesn’t come in spreadsheets, and thus there are no formulas, complications and calculations that need to be dealt with. There are around 1000+ Samples, ensuring that no one has to start from the scratch. Each plan has been designed by professionals, as per the makers, and therefore, there is something for all kinds of businesses and models.

Easiness In Use

The instructions are in English with a lot of advice at every step with added hints to simplify business planning tasks. There are also additional examples that are offered at every step by the interactive wizard. Some questions are attached in the software, which will help the entrepreneur in deciding on the business plan. Additionally Step-by-Step guide is also available.

Good Number of Financial Tools & Formats

Business PlanMaker Professional 12 has been designed to ensure financial projections remains easy, and there are ample tested financial tools that come loaded with the software. This aids in all kinds of financial planning, including cash flow, sales forecast and expenses.

Unlike many of the other software solutions, this one lets the user to decide on the format of the plan. One can print and email the complete plan as needed or can create the same in Word, Excel and PDF formats for presenting to lenders. There are also additional tools that help in financial accuracy check of the plan and find the sections or areas that need attention or further work.

Updated Customizable Plans And Entrepreneurial Library

All the plans in the software and the templates have been done by professional plan writers who know the quality required for modern business plans. There is essential information running into more than 20 pages that are available for each plan. Customization options have been added for all plans included with the software. There is also an “Entrepreneurial Library” that includes many unique start-up resources and planning tips that will help in getting funds and pitching right to the investors.

Funding, Legal, Incorporation, Website, Marketing & Trends

For funding needs, one can also have sources to access venture capital groups, banks and other institutions for easy and wider approval. Also, here are added resources on legal structures, for helping businesses deal with legal issues that crop during and after the startup. There is also ample help and guide on incorporating the business along with checks on common things that matter in getting the business started.

Keeping the industry needs and market trends in mind, the software also brings latest trend reports along with added business resources for starting the website of the planned business. There is also expert advice and additional marketing tools that are designed to ensure that business grows in line with the plans and estimates. In short, Business PlanMaker Professional 12 has over 750 resources, which are designed to bring the best help for planning the business right.


Business PlanMaker Professional has lot on the offer, however we also saw many negative reviews about usage and installation related issues on various retailer sites and forums. 

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