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For those seeking a quick and well planned business planning and management software, SimplePlanning Business Planner comes off as a good choice for the price. Designed to reduce the cumbersome elements of high end accounting software, this business planning solutions brings the basics and adds the right essentials to enable management at the same time. Unlike many of the planning software options in the market, this one is relatively new and lives up to the hype to a large extent.


There is just one available version of SimplePlanning Business Planner, but there is an additional choice of demo, which can be downloaded from the website. The demo version, as intended, gives a peak in the overall functions and aspects of the software to customer, before he can decide on paying for the full version.

Features at a Glance

As mentioned, SimplePlanning Business Planner comes with simple features and works for small businesses and startups at best. The software runs completely on Microsoft Excel, but doesn’t let the users complicate the user on long spreadsheets and detailing. Also, rather than just being a software solution for making financial plans, this one also allows to record results and generate an invoice in no time at all.

Easiness in Use

This is a business planner where there is no additional software needed to start the operations. Every part and element of the planners works fully on Excel spreadsheets, and thereby, all that the customer needs to do is download the spreadsheet. One can easily download the demo spreadsheet for better understanding. There are no complications in documenting the financial plan, with budgets and Pro Forma statements, which further aids in making the right presentation.

Complete Look at Elements & Functions

When one opens the SimplePlanning Business Planner, there are two different options available on the home page. It’s easy to select the year of operation on the top, and there are two sections – one for financial documents and another for management. All the essential things, like the balance sheet, cash flows, sales forecasts, profit and loss and actual sales on one side, whole on the other side there are tools like expense report, timesheet, inventory, invoice creation and payroll calculator among others.

The functions allow the entrepreneurs to keep a tab on the forecasts and actual figures in the same way like a business planner should, sans the complications that come along. There are also additional things like templates for invoices, purchase orders, along with things like payroll calculator, time sheet, inventory sheet, loan amortization schedule, expense report, sales record and spending record.
Most of things included in this planning solution are completely in sync with the needs of the small and modern businesses. The entire presentation and templates are designed to ensure that the professional touch is maintained.

Online and Offline

Blending the best of both worlds, SimplePlanning Business Planner lets entrepreneurs and managers to work both online and offline. The data is stored on both online and offline mediums, ensuring that one can work on the software even if there is no internet connection available.

The company promises a refund if the customer is not happy with the product, which is quite a confident thing to say. There are no unwanted complicated features, which should appeal to business owners and entrepreneurs who are looking for a simple planning software solution. One does miss a few of the additional options like not having a converting option in Word and PDF formats along with availability of different templates.
However, SimplePlanning Business Planner stays true to what it has promised- simple and affordable business planning solution.


SimplePlanining Business Planner is dynamic management software with every vital prospect and administrative tool for the progressive and well established enterprises. The program helps you to evaluate every crucial aesthetic aspect from the base level for a significant consolidation. It keeps a stupendous analytical check on distinguish malfunctioning in a financial model and allows you to strive for the appropriate solutions. It minimises the strain of complicated facts and figures in relation with business accounting and provides the best interface to respond proactively.

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