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By: Growthink Inc.

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GrowThink Ultimate Business Plan Template is basically a simplified way to get done with the complicated business plans. Unlike many of the software solutions that boasts of a number of templates and plan formats, this one offers the basics but with every question answered. Keeping in mind that most entrepreneurs and business managers lack the time to formulate a good plan and lack the understanding of requirements, GrowThink has designed something that’s worthy of time and money spent.

There are no different versions of GrowThink Ultimate Business Plan Template, but there are added benefits and bonuses that come along. While the bonuses are not mentioned at all places, they certainly add to the value of the product.

Features at a Glance

Like most other business planning software, this one too lets the managers and entrepreneur design the perfect business plan with ease. However, at the same time, it does answer a lot of the questions that planners have in mind and investors may ask. Plans designed by this solution works for all kinds of venture capitalists, banks, lenders, and angel investors.

Easiness to Use

GrowThink Ultimate Business Plan Template comes with all the instructions that are detailed and stepped up together to help novices and advanced clients. Each of the step here is given in completion along with a lot of instructions and add-on options for quick help.

"Plug & Play" Financial Model

Easily among the best features of this business planning template, this feature ensures that everyone can create the required financial statement in a few seconds. No matter whether a user knows the statement or requirements, but just with the inputs, all statements are created with ease, including balance sheets, profit and loss account and cash flows.

Creating Documents is Uncomplicated

Creating business plans is not just about making statements and number crunching, but there is a need for other things including the documents like competitive analysis, customer analysis, company analysis, industry analysis, and others. Keeping this essential documents in mind, this planning solutions comes with “Fill in the blanks” template, where one can just fill up the document with the right information and print it for presentation ahead. Whether it’s an executive summary, operations plan or marketing planning, everything is ready to print with simple details.

Fast & Worthy Customization

GrowThink has designed the Ultimate Business Plan Template with compatibility to Microsoft Word and Excel, ensuring there is always a possibility of customization as needed. While the spreadsheet is there for a choice, the main template remains easy for anyone to use.

Support and Help

The product is readily available for quick download, and one can get started right away. There are no unwanted complications in the download process, and it’s easy to begin with the business plan from the scratch. Should there be any kind of issue, the company offers free and unlimited support to the users by answering all the questions. In addition, the company does offer a 365 day money-back guarantee, which large tells about the confidence they have their product.


With complete assistance and a good range of available templates and adequate instruction, GrowThink Ultimate Business Plan Template is just the right investment. One does miss not having too many plan templates, but the functionalities are good enough for the beginners of financial planning and regular business plan makers. The makers have tested the solution with thousands of entrepreneurs, banks and investors with successful results, which certainly gives ample confidence to the buyers.

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