Insightful is a place for modern people with skills and talent for management of office-related works and business with the need for insight into the activity of the employees. The brand effectively monitors employee productivity, automated time tracking, and more. Over 130000 global brand and company users trust them worldwide, thereby assigning it the credibility it deserves.

From: USA
Top Insightful Alternatives
  • mSpy
  • Flexi
  • Workpuls
  • Norton Family
  • ActivTrak
  • WebWatcher
  • NetNanny
  • Teramind
  • Qustodio
  • Mobicip
  • Activity monitor
  • Refog
  • PhoneSheriff
  • StaffCop
  • CovenantEyes
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Top Insightful Alternatives and Overview



Provides the ultimate monitoring solution that you can use to track your device usage remotely.

By: mSpy.
Based on 4 Votes


Flexi is mainly an employee monitoring app that helps in tracking an employee’s attendance as well as the work performed.

By: NCH Software, Inc. From USA


Workplus is a great office productivity tool that monitors all clock-ins and clock-outs as well as the activities of your employees on their system during work hours.

Based on 5 Votes

Norton Family

Provides a complete protection that your children need to stay safe online.

By: Symantec Corporation


Activtrak is a cloud based application that helps in monitoring of the employers regardless of place and distant workers.

By: Birch Grove Software, Inc. From USA
Based on 46 Votes


WebWatcher is a software for parental and office tracking purposes...

By: Awareness Technologies, Inc From USA


Has the highest-ranking parental control features...

By: Watch Holdings, Inc.


The product also provides the ability of connecting different devices and capturing screenshots, recording and...

By: Teramind Inc. From USA
Based on 11 Votes


Includes location tracking and panic button...

By: Qustodio LLC.


Helps to keep your device family friendly for your children...

By: Mobicip.LLC

Activity monitor

Users can easily detect their employee devices and sends in chat and email logs...

By: Deep Software Inc. From Canada


Without mush hassle, one can easily install the software in a couple of minutes and...

By: Refog Inc. From USA


Provides various internet filtering features without the need to jailbreak your phone or tablet...

By: Retina-X Studios, LLC.


It records all the activities including emails, chat history, word search and web URLs...

By: Atom Security, Inc. From Russia
Based on 4 Votes


Allows you to install the software on unlimited devices...

By: Covenant Eyes

Insightful Review and Overview

The brand was established in 2016 as Workpuls by the founder Ivan Petrovich upon the idea of workforce productivity and analytics. In 2018 the company was rebuilt as Workpuls 2.0 when it was realized that the future of workforce management and analytics is going to be remote and hybrid, and thus to meet the needs of the enterprise clients with advanced security, better designs, and intuitive features. By 2022 the company was rebranded to Insightful to evolve with the future plans to develop more holistic approaches and have many exciting products and enhancements on the way.

The products offered by the company;

The products offered by the brand are some of the most useful for both digital and traditional companies, and they help in multitudes of ways while being priced just rightly. Following is the list of those products;

  • Employee Monitoring Software – This software helps the parent company utilize the most out of their employees by constantly monitoring them and tracking their workforce so as to find out whether the said employee is making the best use of their time or not.
  • Activity Monitoring Software – The aim of the software is to analyze the productivity of the performance and then optimize the workflows of the team members. It gives the end user an immediate performance observing ability, helping boost productivity via monitoring dashboards and custom reports.
  • Screen monitoring Software – This software is helpful for enhanced productivity and accountability. It is a screen recording software that enables the end user to foster a more efficient and productive team through privacy-minded screen monitoring, real-time screenshots, and team-wide visibility.
  • Time tracking Software -  This software helps analyze and optimize the company’s time on projects down to the very last. It is an intuitive employee worktime software that helps develop smarter projects, proof of work, and budgeting.
  • Time and attendance tracking software – It is a time and attendance tracking software that aids in seeing what the employee is working on in simplifying the payroll and billing. Tracking the employee has never been this easy, no matter the distance between the employer and the employee.
  • Automatic Time mapping software – This software works in a that helps in doing precise projects effortlessly, eliminating human errors, and finally providing a hassle-free hands-off time allocation for all the work. In other words, it is time management reinvented for digital organizations.

The impact of the brand;

The field of work Insightful is massive; from insurance, healthcare, and IT to finance and architecture, all are encompassed. The utilities provided under resources are beneficial, and so is the user-friendly interface of the official website for a great user experience.

Company Information

Company Address: 3739 Balboa St #1067 San Francisco, California 94121

Top Features

  • Employee Monitoring
  • Activity Monitoring
  • Screen Monitoring
  • Time Tracking
  • Time & Attendance
  • Automatic Time Mapping
  • Computer Activity Tracking