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Hubstaff provides a time tracking software that allows you to take screenshots and monitor your activity levels. It features time tracking, app and URL tracking, automatic payroll, online timesheets, GPS and locations, manual time, weekly budgets, advanced reporting, and more. The software is provided by Hubstaff, a company founded in 2012 and based in Indianapolis.

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Top Hubstaff Alternatives and Overview


Time Doctor

Time Doctor is an accurate time tracking software, which helps businesses and individuals to manage their time better.

By: From Australia
Based on 29 Votes


RescueTime provides time management software that helps to keep the productivity in your workplace, as well as understand your daily habits.

By: RescueTime From USA
Based on 12 Votes


TimeCamp provides a time tracking software with automatic online time recording functionality.

By: Time Solutions, Inc. From Poland
Based on 50 Votes


DeskTime provides an employee time tracker software for your company...

By: Idea Bits, LLC From USA
Based on 13 Votes

TIMESHEETS.COM provides a web-based time clock and expense tracking system for small businesses.

By: From USA
Based on 55 Votes


eBillity is a time tracking software that you can access from anywhere.

By: From USA


It features one-click time entry, anywhere access, team collaboration, desktop time entry, powerful reporting, seamless...

By: Iridesco, LLC From USA
Based on 37 Votes


Bric combines project management and time tracking to help you weave together people and projects...

By: Bric
Based on 10 Votes


It features QuickBooks integration, mobile time tracking with GPS, simple payroll management, job costing reports...

By:, LLC From USA
Based on 484 Votes


It features one-click time tracking, team collaboration, detailed reports, transparent billing, real-time syncing between devices...

By: Toggl OÜ From Estonia
Based on 88 Votes


You can’t let your employees slack off or waste their time during the work hours...

By: ezClocker From USA
Based on 5 Votes


The software has been designed to enable companies to work smoothly and efficiently by providing...

Based on 126 Votes


It features instant project creation, billing management, easy time capture by project, task-level time tracking...

By: Replicon From USA
Based on 49 Votes


Founded in 2005 by Workwell Technologies, uAttend has been quite popular in the market with...

By: Workwell
Based on 36 Votes


It features a simple time-entry interface, management and integration, mobile time entry, billable time entries...

By:, Inc. From USA
Based on 11 Votes

Hubstaff Review and Overview

Good: Various project management, payment, invoicing, and helpdesk integrations, inactivity warnings, tracking progress using screenshots, multiple monitor support, advanced report options, and runs on Linux, Windows, and the Mac operating system.

Bad: Costly if you select larger team plans.

Overall: It offers more than just time tracking features, as a number of easy integrations with popular tools like PayPal help organise everything with regard to a project under one roof.

HubStaff was founded in 2012 and quickly grown with active 3000 customers due to extensive features it has to offer. Based in Indiana, HubStaff provides a comprehensive time tracking software, which can also act as a project manager due to its extensive list of features like PayPal integration, screenshot at random intervals, and the ability to run on different operating systems (cross platform).

HubStaff can help users in improving the work efficiency for projects that involve multiple members who may be working in different locations.


It becomes easy to monitor multiple members due to features like monitoring members using screenshots. There are different settings offered for the screenshot interval so as to offer more flexibility. A maximum of three screenshots can be recorded randomly in a 10 minute interval. The system can also be completely turned off.

The software comes with algorithms designed to improve inactivity detection. Upon detection of inactivity, the software automatically stops further tracking of time. This helps prevent inaccurate information.

Comprehensive Dashboard

HubStaff’s comprehensive dashboard brings up a lot of information like total hours worked, the online or off-line status of an employee, and their activity level for a predefined period. A quick glance is sufficient to understand the overall status of the project, while the dashboard gives direct access to more in-depth information. It is possible to provide between four different user settings, comprising the likes of the owner and the viewer, to individual users.


The software provides different options when it comes to providing reports. The ability to filter reports based on a number of parameters like project, date, or person helps to identify the inefficient areas. The reports can be provided in a .csv format which can then be run on Microsoft Excel or similar programs. PDF and Quickbooks are some of the popular formats supported in the HubStaff software.


HubStaff offers integration with several platforms like PayPal, Redbooth, and Freshdesk. These integrations help manage different projects using HubStaff’s interface alone. Apart from reducing the clutter, it also helps get the work done in a short span of time. They also offer integration with many project management platforms such as ActiveCollab, Asana, BaseCamp, Jira, Podio, TeamWork PM and many others.

Pay Users & PayPal Support

The software does not just allow monitoring of aspects like performance and efficiency, but it also helps pay the employees from the dashboard. This integration allows the administrator to upload the weekly worksheet to PayPal’s MassPay system, which then sends the payment to individual employees. Invoicing also is done due to integrations with the likes of Payoneer.

Remote Management

The ability to monitor multiple users, be aware of the online or off-line status of a certain employee, and even manage their payments enables the administrator to function as they would in a physical office. HubStaff’s remote management ability is not even limited to the operating system, as it runs on popular operating systems like Mac, Windows, and Linux. Even aspects like number of keyboard strokes made by a certain employee are available for access.


HubStaff has an extensive library of help in the form of text and walk-through videos to help new users get accustomed to the software. For those looking for more, HubStaff has a dedicated support line available to answer the queries.


HubStaff is not limited to projects with multiple members, as it can be used even for a single user. There is a free plan for the single user with limited functionality. The paid options start from $5 per month for a single user and can continue accommodating more in multiples of five. Discounts are available for teams of more than 100 users.

Company Information

Company Name: Netsoft Holdings, LLC.

Company Address: 11650 Olio Rd #1000, Fishers, IN, USA

Founded in: 2012

Top Features

Core Features
  • Admin Setup
  • Screenshot Frequency Setup
  • Manual Time Setup
  • Multiple Remote Teams
  • Online & Offline Indication
  • Idle Time Setup
  • Budget & Time Limitation
  • Unlimited Free Viewers
  • Tracking Time Offline
  • API Access
  • Toggle Activity Levels
  • Screenshot Bluring
  • Automatic Payroll
  • Monitoring GPS & Location
  • Monitoring URL & Application
Activity Levels & Screenshots
  • Activity Bars
  • Screenshot Thumbnails
  • Full Screen Viewing
  • Turning Off Screenshots
  • Multi-monitoring Supported
  • Working Notes
  • Inactivity Warnings
  • Exporting Reports
  • Employee Payments & Rates
  • Manual Timing
  • Detailed Work Reports
  • Integrate Paypal
  • Managing Projects
  • User Permissions