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ADS Security is a home and business security protection system provided by ADS Security, a company headquartered in Nashville, Tennessee, USA. The main focus of the company is to provide the best and most advanced security protection system for your home and business, with trained and certified technicians and monitoring center operators. With the top-notch and award-winning monitoring center, you can ensure that your business is always protected 24 hours in a day, 7 days in a week, and 365 days in a year.

Smart Security Technology

The smart security technology provided by ADS security allows you to interact with your security system in the way you want, from anywhere. The smart security system comes with touchscreen keypad, remote video, and access automation features. The touchscreen keypad is installed in your business place as the main control of your security system, allowing you to interact with various security equipment when you are on-site.

The remote video feature allows you to remotely view the live video from your security cameras using smartphone, tablet, or desktop. The access automation features allow you to control various tools within your business areas, such as lights, locks, water valves, garage doors, appliances, and more.

Fire Protection and Temperature Sensors

The fire protection system provided by ADS Security can detect the smoke and heat within your building, and send immediate emergency signal to the central monitoring station when there is a risk of fire accidents. The smoke and heat detectors can help to protect all of your business assets from getting burned by fire, and prevent any costly damage that might be caused by such an emergency situation.

The temperature sensors, on the other hands, keep the temperature within your building monitored all the time. In some cases, the sudden changes in temperature can cause a devastating effect on your property, so the temperature sensors can protect your property from getting damaged.

Business Automation and Access Control

The business automation system helps you to control most of your security equipment and business appliances from anywhere. Even when you are on vacation, for example, you can ensure that all appliances are working according to the programmed schedule. With this automated system, you can manage your lights, locks, water valves, thermostats, and other appliances from your smartphone or tablet device.

The access control system features the ADS Secure Door, which is a system that ensures the security protection of all of your doors within your business building. The people who can gain access to those doors are only the people who are given the access code for it. You can also let ADS Security to manage the system for your business, which helps to reduce the cost of system maintenance.

Security Cameras

ADS Security offers a wide range of solutions that help you to choose the quality of your security cameras and the cloud storage size that you would choose to store important video clips from your security cameras. The security cameras can help you to keep your assets and employees safe from various threats, including thefts, burglary, vandalism, disasters, fire accidents, intrusion, break-in, and more.

You can install your security cameras in important spots within your business area to ensure maximum protection for your property and assets. You can also store video clips from your security cameras in your cloud storage.


ADS Security provides home and business security protection in the southeast area of the United States. The smart security technology allows you to interact directly with your security system using your smartphone, tablet, or desktop. The fire protection and temperature sensors help to protect your employees and assets from possible fire accidents and damages caused by the change in temperatures.

The business automation and access control allow you to manage your security system and various appliances to run automatically, as well as manage the access to your business doors. And the security cameras offer various video qualities and cloud storage that you can choose based on your needs.

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