Home Security Systems

Home security systems can help homeowners to get protection from theft, fire and medical emergency and much more. These systems can also wirelessly monitor home and provide phone or text alert in case of emergency. Depending on plan and providers, you may also get an option to monitor your home using wireless cameras. 

Below are some leading providers in the market.


ADT is a home security system which includes surveillance, alarm, and home automation equipment with free installation.

By: Adt LLC. From USA


SimpliSafe provides home security systems with a 24/7 superior protection and no annual contracts.

By: SimpliSafe, Inc. From USA


Vivint is a smart home security solution that helps to protect your home and family, as well as control your home from anywhere.

By: Vivint, Inc. From USA


Canary provides a smart home security system with a simple all-in-one security technology fitted in a single device.

By: Canary Connect, Inc. From USA


Frontpoint is a wireless home security system with safe, real, and professional monitoring.

By: FrontPoint Security Solutions, LLC From USA

Vector Security

Vector Security provides home and business security systems with one app for all devices.

By: Vector Security Inc. From USA

CPI Security

Provides home and business security automation system with intrusion detection, video surveillance, and access control.

By: CPI Security Systems, Inc. CPI Security (@cpi_security) | Twitterhttps://twitter.com

Protect America

Protect America offers alarm monitoring and home security systems with the award-winning security.

By: Protect America, Inc From USA

AT&T Digital Life

AT&T Digital Life provides home security and automation systems with 24-hour connection to your smartphone and tablet devices.

By: AT&T Inc From USA

Xfinity Home Security

XFINITY provides alarm and home security systems with home automation solutions.

By: Comcast Corporation From USA

BrickHouse Security

BrickHouse Security provides home security and video surveillance systems for personal, home, business, and government.

By: Brickhouse Security From USA

Guardian Protection

Guardian Protection provides alarm monitoring and home security systems for home, business, and new construction.

By: Guardian Protection Services Inc From USA


Slomin’s provides home security system with a world-class security protection. It features...

By: Slomin's Inc. From USA

Ackerman Security

Ackerman Security provides home and business security systems for Atlanta and DC areas.

By: Ackerman Security Systems, Inc From USA

Alert 360

Provides home and security systems for home and business, which make your business place more comfortable, secure, and energy efficient.

By: Alert 360


LifeShield is a home security system provided by DirectTV, with a whole-home protection and without any equipment to buy.

By: Directv, LLC From USA

ADS Security

Provides security protection, video monitoring system, access control, and automation system to ensure maximum protection for your business.

By: ADS Security L.P.


Monitronics is a home security system with burglar alarm monitoring services and remote control system.

By: Monitronics International, Inc. From USA


Protection1 offers the leading home security system with home automation technology.

By: Protection One Alarm Monitoring, Inc. From USA


LiveWatch provides an affordable and customized home security solutions with wireless system and smartphone control.

By: LiveWatch Security LLC From USA


Alarm.com offers smart home solutions with energy management technology. It features interactive...

By: Alarm.com Inc From USA

Alliance Security

Alliance Security provides home security systems that protect your home and family.

By: Alliance Inc. From USA

Tyco Integrated Security

Provides commercial security protection system for businesses and governments, with international security service available.

By: Tyco Integrated Security.

Link Interactive

Provides a complete security system based on your needs, which you can install for yourself so that you don’t need to pay fees for expert installation and setup.

By: Link Interactive


AlarmForce is a home alarm and business security system for Canada and USA areas.

By: AlarmForce Industries Inc From USA

ASG Security

ASG Security provides security systems for home and business. It features a...

By: Alarm Security Group, LLC From USA


GEOARM provides a do-it-yourself alarm monitoring service with no long-term contracts.

By: AlarmClub.Com, Inc. From USA


AlarmRelay provides a reliable and affordable alarm monitoring system with top-quality service for home and business.

By: Alarm Relay, Inc From USA


FlexPanel is a professional security panel designed from the start to deliver interactive security and home automation services to the mobile device that consumers already have.

By: FlexAlarms From USA


AlarmGrid provides a low-cost alarm monitoring system with no contract and activation fees.

By: Alarm Grid Inc. From USA

Business & Home Security System Buying Guide

If you are running a small business, it is important for you to keep your business running smoothly. Of course, it doesn’t mean only to ensure that all transactions are going as smoothly as possible, but it also means to ensure that your business is securely protected from various threats.

There are many potential threats that may easily cause your business to crumble, such as employee thefts, shopliftings, vandalisms, burglaries, fire accidents, floods, and other threats. If you are unprepared from such threats, you are putting your entire life at risk. Why? That’s because if you depend your life on your small business, then you can lose everything when your small business is going down.

Why Business Security Systems

That’s the main reason why you need to install a business security system within your building. Aside from protecting your property and assets from potential dangers, you can also protect your employees, and yourself, from various threats. Remember that a simple fire accident can burn down your entire building if you don’t request for help immediately.

A burglar can come into your building and empty all of your assets in one night. If you care about the continuity of your business, as well as your own peace of mind, a good security protection system needs to be thoroughly installed within your building.

Those companies also offer different features that you may or may not need. So, how can you choose the best business security system for you to use? Here are some tips you can follow.

Smart Control at Your Fingertips

A good security protection system allows you to control and manage your own security system from your mobile devices. This way, you can ensure that everything is safe and sound even when you are away from your office. It also includes immediate alert notifications, which allow you to get the emergency alerts as it happens. Not only that, it should also provide a reliable connection that allows you to stay connected with your system all the time.

Business Automation Features

Business automation is one of the most important aspects that you have to consider before choosing a good security protection system for your business. Some of the security companies out there only offer you with security features without offering any business automation features.

The business automation features are important because they allow you to automate all simple tasks, such as turning the lights on and off, locking and unlocking doors, managing the temperature, arming and disarming the alarms automatically, and more. These features help your business run smoothly, and help you to increase your employee productivity.

Installation and Maintenance Fees

Take note on the installation and maintenance fees that the security company may charge you. Some companies offer $0 installation fee, without requiring you to buy their security equipment. But, others may offer more expensive installation fee because they need you to purchase the security equipment before installing them in your business place.

These fees can be expensive if you don’t have enough budget to cover it. So, always compare the installation and maintenance fees from various companies before you decide to use one of them.

Complete Security Protection

You should choose the company that offers a complete security protection that protects your business from all kinds of potential threats. This includes the threats from intruders, natural disasters, and fire accidents. You should also remember to make sure that the company provides damage prevention measures in their security system. This is to minimize the risk of property damage in the event of emergency situations.


It is important for you to use a good business security system to protect all of your assets, as well as keep your own peace of mind in running your business.

To choose the best security company for your business, first you have to ensure that the company provides the means for you to control and manage the security system from your mobile devices. Second, the company should also offer various business automation features to help keep your business running smoothly. Third, you should ensure that the installation and maintenance fees are well within your budget. And fourth, it should provide a complete security protection that helps to protect your business from all kinds of potential threats.