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Central Security Group is a complete security protection system provided by Central Security Group, Inc., a company founded in 1975 with headquarter located in Tulsa, Oklahoma, USA. The focus of the company is to provide reliable security protection for home and business customers, with leading-edge technology. The company offers affordable business security systems with reliable protection, allowing them to build a long-term relationship with their customers.

Complete Business Security Protection

Central Security Group provides a complete security protection that allows you to manage and control your security protection from anywhere, using smartphone, tablet, or desktop. With this security system, you get an effective intrusion detection system that prevents any intruders from entering your premise.

You can also set the notifications to be sent according to the triggered events. You can monitor your business using the video surveillance system to get short and clear video clips. You can also customize the access rights of each area within your business using the credential access control system.

Business Automation System

The business automation system provided by the company helps to automate most of your business operations, such as managing your energy level, changing temperature settings, monitoring the water level, automating lights, and more. This feature, combined with other security features, can bring a great peace of mind and ensure that you can run your business more securely and efficiently. The business automation system allows you to automate the use of lights, locks, and thermostats within your business area.

You can also receive notification alerts whenever a high water level is detected within your premise. You also get alerts when the temperature within your business place is too low or too high. With this automatic control system, you can manage your energy usage and save more energy bills.

Video Monitoring System

Central Security Group provides remote business video surveillance cameras, so that you can monitor your business activities in real time. You can access the video streaming feed generated by your security camera via your mobile devices. You can also get alerts for suspicious activities as it happens, so that you can get help immediately.

Even when you are away from your business, you can always monitor your business activities from anywhere. The video monitoring system stores your video recording archives that you can browse anytime to find any specific event at a time. The always-on cameras provide HD video quality, ensuring that your important business areas are safe.

Alarm Monitoring Center

The company has its own alarm monitoring center that is ready to respond to any emergency notification in seconds. When you call the security center, you get an average answer time of 10 seconds, with the average response time of 16 second for the alarm notification, and the average time to cancel an alarm in 25 seconds.

The monitoring system is also UL-listed, which means that it meets the standards of a good monitoring center, ensuring the best customer service quality and fastest response time. The alarm monitoring center is managed directly by the Central Security Group.


Central Security Group provides complete security protection for home and business in the Southern United States areas. The complete business security protection ensures that your property, assets, employees, and inventory are securely protected all the time. The business automation system helps you to automate control of various tools and equipment that you have, such as lights, thermostats, doors, locks, and others.

The video monitoring system allows you to monitor your business activities day and night, giving you real-time alerts whenever an emergency event is taking place. Finally, the UL-listed alarm monitoring system ensures that you always get the fastest response from the security staff at Central Security Group whenever you are in an emergency situation.

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