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BackgroundChecks is a background check service provided by BackgroundChecks, an employee screening company based in Dallas, Texas. The focus of this company is to provide small businesses and large organizations with the innovative and thorough screening services that help them make decisions on hiring employees or dealing with clients. It can be used by individuals or businesses to protect their identity and make the right decision about their business.

More Than 500 Million Records In The Database

BackgroundChecks provides more than 500 million records in the system database, which you can access to find the most detailed information about the person that you are looking for. From this database, you can also find information about yourself, so that you can see what these public records say about you. When you check the information about yourself, this is the exact information that other people, such as your employers, get when they use this service to screen you. You can search the database instantly, and get the most comprehensive background report about anyone in the United States.

Run Your Own Personal Background Check

The focus of this service is to allow individuals and businesses to find out the information about anyone living in the United States, in the most convenient way. With this tool, you can protect your personal identity, since you know what people see when they search your name using this tool. You can also order the personal background check service to see various reports that are tied to your name, such as driving record report, national background check report, state criminal background check report, and annual monitoring. This is helpful to determine what your reports look like when other people try to access your information.

Comprehensive Background Check Information

The background check information provided by this service is presented in a detailed and comprehensive way. BackgroundChecks covers almost any sensitive and confidential public records data about the people that you want to know. The report includes SSN validation, criminal history, terrorist watch list check, sex offender registry, state criminal records, offense history, arrest information, SSN check against DMI (Death Master Index), and so on. With this service, you can screen any new employees and know about their background instantly. It helps your organization to accept only good people that you can trust.

Effortless Background Check Operations

Using this tool is effortless and requires no complicated steps on your part. This service is offered in two different plans. The first plan is the personal background check service. The second plan is the business background check service. With the personal background check, all you need to do is to enter your name in the search field and choose the type of report that you want to get. For the business background check, you just need to enter your employee or client name and perform the search right away. The results are displayed to you instantly.

Employee Screening Made Easy

Since BackgroundChecks is focused more for the small businesses and large organizations to help their employee screening process, you can be sure that this tool makes it easy for you to screen your employees. As an organization, you need to ensure that your employees don’t have any past involvement with criminal activities, since it can affect your organization’s name and reputation also. Thus, this service allows you to screen each of your employees or new recruits to ensure that they have a flawless record. This way, you can easily accept or reject the employee applications based on the reports that you get.


BackgroundChecks is a background check service that is perfect to be used to perform the background check for your own name, as well as for your employees. For other purposes, such as investigating your neighbors or finding a lost childhood friend, this service is not recommended for you. Individuals and businesses can benefit most from this service since they get the most accurate, up-to-date, and detailed information about their background, as well as the background of their employees. It is good to protect your own identity or ensure that you are working with good people in your organization. Just by running a simple background check, you get all the facts delivered instantly in detailed background reports generated from millions of public records in the US.

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