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Detailed Reviews is a presentation building tool that comes with pre-designed templates to let one create beautiful presentations in almost no time. The design themes and rich media gallery available on the platform, help make life easier for the user by taking care of all the design-related issues. The tool also uses artificial intelligence to make things simpler in terms of designing. All that the user needs to do is focus on the storyline.


  • Helps create presentations in a matter of minutes.
  • Rich media gallery.
  • A wide variety of templates to choose from.
  • Intuitive editor.
  • Uses AI to merge content with the templates.


  • Doesn’t allow one to add GIFs or videos.


Whether you like it or not, a lot depends on the packaging and presentation these days. The way you deliver an idea will not be the only element responsible for getting you success, but it surely can be that element to grab attention and get that initial friction.

Most of us have created and delivered a presentation at some point in our lives. And most of us spent a lot of time designing the slides and focusing on its nuances rather the delivery part.

It has always been a controversial topic as to how much attention you need to put on creating stellar slides. Some people are such great orators that they get everyone behind without the use of a single slide, while there are others find it easier when they have the support of beautiful and interesting slides.

No matter what you think about the above topic, we guess that all of us can agree that it should be an easy enough task to generate slides that not only convey the message but also look amazing at the same time. And more importantly, it should not take long to achieve these simple goals.

In this review, we will go through the features of Beautiful.Ai tool to find out if they deliver what they proclaim. Since the name of the product says AI, we will try to find out how good it is at helping people with presentations.

By the end of this review, you will be in a much better position to decide if Beautiful.Ai is the tool that you want to use to create your next presentation or not.

So, let’s not waste time and start with the presentation building.

First, you need to choose the theme

It doesn’t take long to sign-up and start working on the platform. It’s a cloud-based product, so there is nothing to download. All you need is a web browser and a good-enough internet connection.

There is a small walk-around for the onboarding process. The tour would let you know of the basic elements available on the platform, and you can hit the ground running.

The first choice you need to make before you start with the building process is the theme of the presentation. If you are associated with a business, then it is possible that the business already follows a select theme on various fronts. You can find a theme option closely related to that, and have the consistency across all the slides. offers only eight options when it comes to themes, but the options are diverse enough to take care of everyone. It won’t matter much if you are creating the presentation to showcase your project in the classroom, or if it’s for a startup pitching to an investor.

Some of the design options you get in the later stages of the building process might depend on the choice you make at this stage. So, you might also want to give other themes a try, at least once.

However, you can introduce a lot of changes into the theme as you build a presentation. They let you change the color palette, the font, the decorations, and the footer. The features let you create a theme that matches your preferences.

Edit slides as they come

Now comes the most fun part of the entire process. You get to build the presentation based on all the different kinds of templates they have got to offer.

The whole idea behind is that they don’t want the user to fret much about the nuances related to the design of the presentation.

The tool offers a wide variety of templates to the user that come with aesthetic designs and enough design options so that the user can also have some say in the design of the slides.

The slide templates

Everything you do on is based on the slides available in their gallery. There isn’t an option of using a blank slide and doing your own thing. Instead, you need to pick a template based on what you want to create, and there will be appropriate customization options for it.

Now before you start worrying about things such as flexibility and freedom, we want to let you know that has so many slide templates that you will feel confused as to which design option to use rather than experiencing a dearth of choices.

The platform offers templates under multiple categories. Some of the category sections are the structure, basic, data & charts, diagrams & timelines, etc. Each category comes with multiple options, and you can pick the one which suits you the most.

For instance, if you want to include comparisons in the presentation, you will have plenty of ways to do it. You can use a traditional bar graph or a nice old Venn diagram to put the numbers across the table.

But if you don’t want to use something other than these conventional ways of showcasing data, then you can go for something like floating circles or arrow bars to present the information in a fresher way.

All the template options on adhere to modern design principles. And as a result of that, you get these clean and aesthetic slides that are always easy on the eyes and do a much better job of delivering the message.

The service providers keep adding more templates to the mix regularly, and there are always plenty of options for the user.

We found the rich template gallery to be one of the high points of beautiful, and perhaps it is one of the major reasons that manages to stay true to its promises.

The design modifications

Let us now get to the changes that you get to make on these slides. The customization options will depend on the template you are using.

One of the most useful customization options is the one that allows you to see the possible variations. It won’t matter if you have already populated the content on the slide or still planning to do so.

The variations automatically accommodate the changes that you have made to any other variant of the slide. There will always be some possibility that you will lose some of the content if the other variant doesn’t have specific elements to incorporate it.

The other common kind of modification for the slides is the one in which you get to change the layout of the slide. The slide layout options will usually be distributed under four categories- header, footer, text boxes, and images.

You can have more than one of these layouts on the slide if the design permits you to do so. There will be times when you can’t use one of the image layouts because you chose a specific text layout.

Users will have to work around all such nuances if they want to pack a lot of content into the slides. The number and kind of layout options will also depend on the slide template one is using.

The next kind of interaction is the direct one that you will have with the design elements present on the slide. It is again subjective to the template you are using.

There will be templates that entertain more or less of specific elements, and therefore, you will be able to add or remove them from the slide. There will be some that come with a lot of graphic elements, and they will modify dimensions. It can be the radius of a circle, the length of an arrow, the width of a bar, and so on.

The drag and drop feature will turn out to be handy in a lot of cases, as well. You get to choose where you want to place the elements on the slide. However, you won’t be able to do so on all the templates.

There are a lot of templates that present the content in an orderly manner by using all the different elements. These templates might allow you only to change only the order and alignment, and not to free flotation of the element anywhere on the template.

For the text on each slide, you can click on the text space and start writing right on the template. It is as simple as it gets.

The platform allows one to change the size of the text or vary the style between bold and italics. You can’t change text font without changing the font across the entire presentation. The font is something associated with the theme on, and it might sometimes be disappointing for a few users.

The fact that one can edit content with such ease also means that it won’t take much time to populate content and be done with presentation building.

The resourceful media gallery

Presentations often get the appeal from the wonderful media on them. It can be a captivating image, a beautiful logo, a mind-boggling infographic, etc.

But it is no easy task to get your hands on high-quality relevant media. Not everyone is good at photography or have enough resources to spend on high-grade equipment, exotic locations, beautiful models, and so on. takes care of a lot of user’s media woes by providing a huge media gallery with some amazing and rich content. The resources are not just limited to images, but there are icons and logos at your disposal, as well.

All the stock photos available on the platform are as good as they can be. relies upon another platform for these photos, but you do not need to leave the builder to get them.

You can simply carry out a search in the search bar. And you will have multiple results under different categories to fill your presentation with some breathtaking content.

Since some templates are meant for logos and icons, you will automatically get redirected to specific sections of the gallery when you try to search for content for these templates.

It is the simple features like these that make life a lot easier for the user on this platform.

The only disappointment in the media section is that one can’t add GIFs or videos to the slides. Even though there are talks of introducing them on the platform in the future, we feel that it should’ve been a feature from the get-go.

Conclusion is one of the easiest and fastest ways to create presentations. The tool is so good that it doesn’t leave much for the user to do.

If you are clear as to what will be the storyline of the presentation or the exact content that you want to see on it, then it will take you only a few minutes to be done with the entire process.

The plethora of templates is the core of everything on this platform. There is one for every purpose and intent, and all one does is modify and manipulate these templates to get desired results.

The themes, color schemes, fonts, and other design attributes give one enough to add a unique personality to the presentation. It takes only a little bit of effort to make sure that no one else shows up with the same kind of presentation as yours.

The media gallery sweetened the deal even more. One doesn’t even need to leave the platform to go find images or other media resources.

We felt that it is more because of the abundance of templates on the platform and less because of the use of AI that can deliver such results.

We won’t hesitate to recommend our users to give this impressive presentation builder a try. And the good part is that it doesn’t cost a dime to try the product.

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