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BlackVPN is a VPN software created and developed by BlackVPN, a VPN company that was originally based in the USA, but in 2012 was moved to Hong Kong due to privacy rights. The focus of the company is to implement the privacy and digital rights in the age of the internet, so that all internet users can benefit from it. With this product, the development team hopes that they can fight for internet freedom and digital rights that many governments and corporations have taken away from the regular internet users.

Protect Your Internet From Threats And Encrypt Your Internet Traffic

One of the most important features that you need to seek from a VPN service is the security protection feature. You don’t want to browse the web and expose yourself to various online threats that can attack your computer anytime. BlackVPN provides the security protection that you need to keep your online activities secure. It protects your internet connection from various online threats and hacker attacks, including WiFi hacks, unauthorized traffic monitoring, and DDoS attacks. It also encrypts your internet traffic to ensure that all of your information is transmitted securely over the network.

Hide Your Real IP And Browse The Internet Anonymously

With this VPN software, you are able to hide your real IP address so that the websites that you visit cannot track your real IP, and instead, show the VPN IP address. Thus, it allows you to surf the internet anonymously without worrying about being tracked by any third parties, such as your ISP, government, corporations, and so on. No one can track your real location when you are surfing the web using this VPN software. Also, it uses the shared VPN IP addresses to mix your IP with thousands of other VPN users to make it even more difficult for third parties to track your internet activities.

Unblock Websites That Are Restricted By The Government And Corporations

BlackVPN does the job well in allowing you to visit any website on the internet, even the websites that are restricted by the government, ISP, or certain service providers. With this software, you just need to pick the VPN IP address that is located in the USA or UK to unblock various restricted websites that you cannot access. Also, there are region-specific VPN IP addresses that you can choose to access the content that is available only for the specific regions. In other words, you can use any video streaming services offered only in other regions by using this VPN software to your advantage.

Safely Perform P2P File Sharing

The P2P file sharing allows you to access the files that are otherwise only available in certain regions or offered only by certain service providers. However, using P2P file sharing is forbidden in various countries, and thus, it may become difficult for you to get various files using this protocol. The good thing about BlackVPN is that it has its own safe P2P server list that you can use safely without the need to worry that your government can track your file sharing activities. With this software, P2P file sharing is always safe and secure for you.

Unlimited Data And Bandwidth For Your Devices

With BlackVPN, you can use the VPN connection without any limit in bandwidth and data traffic. Also, you can use this VPN service for up to 3 devices at the same time, including desktop and mobile devices. This software is compatible with Windows, Mac OSX, Linux, Android, and iOS platforms, and thus, you can always connect your device with this VPN software easily. While many VPN providers may give you a bandwidth limit due to the limitations on their servers or other reasons, this software offers unlimited data transfer and bandwidth to ensure that you can surf the web freely without any obstacles.


When talking about choosing a reliable VPN connection, BlackVPN comes into the scene because of its features and reliability. It offers you the unlimited access to the web without any restrictions whatsoever, as well as a strong protection system to keep hackers and other online threats away from your network. With this software, you can easily bypass the restrictions made by the government, ISP, and corporations so that you can access every content that you find on the internet. The compatibility with various platforms makes this software easily available for all of your devices. All in all, if you want to use a good and reliable VPN connection that cares so much for your privacy and digital rights, this is the VPN software that you need to use.

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