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Comodo EV SSL is an extended validation SSL certificate provided by Comodo CA Limited, an online security company founded in 1998 and based in Manchester, United Kingdom. The company offers various free and paid security products such as antivirus, firewall, data backup, system cleaner, and PC support for home and business use. The Comodo EV SSL provides an enhanced security protection for your website, which allows you to authenticate the data transfer activities within your website and provide more security and privacy for your users.

The Green Address Bar and Comodo Trust Logo

Once you've purchased the extended validation SSL certificate from Comodo, you get the green address bar for your website and Comodo Trust logo. These are the visual security representations of your website, that gives your visitors the assurance that your website is secure and the data transfer is encrypted. When applied in an eCommerce website, the green address bar and Comodo Trust logo can help you to reduce shopping cart abandonment, increase your conversion rate, and protect your customers from phishing attacks. Also, with the provided priority customer support, you can always resolve any problem related to the Comodo EV SSL certificate to get an immediate response from the customer support team.

The EV Enhancer Technology

The EV Enhancer Technology is a special system provided by Comodo, which is specially designed for Comodo EV SSL users. The technology helps you to smooth your EV SSL deployment, so that you can use your EV SSL certificate as quickly as possible in your website. With the 99.9% browser recognition and 2048-bit certificate, your EV SSL certificate is visible in most of the modern and old browsers that are available in the market, with the next generation of SSL certificate to ensure the strongest encryption for your website. Not only that, Comodo also provides a $1,750,000 warranty for relying party, which gives you more assurance about the reliability of your EV SSL certificate. By using this feature, you can manage your extended validation SSL certificates easily, as well as issue your EV SSL certificates more quickly.

Deep Layer Authentication System

The EV SSL certificate provided by Comodo gives the deep layer authentication system for all aspects of your website, including your website content, financial transaction, and individual users. The authentication system allows you to provide only genuine data to your website visitors, be it content, security information, financial data, or other relevant data. With this authentication system, your data cannot be tampered by hackers or any other irresponsible third party, which gives you the total security protection from any phishing attack and cyber-terrorism. It also provides a strong Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) encryption that ensures that the encrypted information can only be accessed and used by the authorized parties. And since this encryption system is applied throughout your website when you purchase a Comodo EV SSL certificate, you can be sure that all data transfer activities can only be used by the concerned parties without the possibility of security breaches.


The pricing for a single domain EV SSL certificate from Comodo is way cheaper than the competitors. With the features that are offered by the company, the single domain EV SSL from Comodo is the way to go if you have a limited budget to buy a good certificate for your new eCommerce website. The deep layer authentication system allows you to authenticate all information transfers between your web servers and the users' browsers, ensuring that the encrypted information can only be accessed by the authorized parties. The green address bar and Comodo Trust logo give a strong trust and assurance for your customers to complete their transaction in your website with confidence. Also, the EV Enhancer Technology gives you the smoothness of certificate deployment, so that you can use your EV SSL certificate as quickly as possible.

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