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CPI Security is a home and business security protection system provided by CPI Security Systems, Inc., a company founded in 1995 and based in Charlotte, North Carolina, USA. The main focus of the company is to provide the best security and automation technology for home and business, with the fastest response whenever you need it. With certified CPI security employees, you always get the professional installation and service for your security system.

Customized Business Solutions

The customized business solutions provided by CPI Security allow you to install the security protection for your business according to your needs. The installation is designed to fit perfectly with your business environment, as well as with your existing equipment and tools.

The company uses the high-end security equipment to ensure that your business has the most advanced protection that prevents any threats or dangers that may happen in the future. The customized business solutions include four main security features: fire alarm monitoring, video solutions, intrusion detection, and access control. All the security features work together to create a safer place for your business, as well as for your employees and customers.

Real-time Response

The real-time response system ensures that your business is guarded all the time, 24 hours in a day. This system also helps to minimize the occurrence of false alarms that are commonly triggered due to various reasons. It uses the two-way audio verification to ensure that the triggered alarm is genuine, so that the necessary help from the local authorities can be dispatched right away.

Once the alarm is triggered in the emergency situation, the staff at the monitoring central responds in seconds, not minutes. It works seamlessly with your wireless connection, so that you don’t need to have a phone line in order to reach the monitoring central. With the best-class customer service, you can ask for help from the customer service staff, and the staff can resolve your problem as quickly as possible.

InTouch Business

InTouch Business is a feature that comes with your CPI business security package, which allows you to control your security equipment in one touch. By pairing your security system with your phone or tablet devices, you can gain the full control of your security system on the palm of your hand.

With innovative technology, InTouch Business allows you to secure your business place remotely, access the video feed generated by your security cameras, remotely lock or unlock your doors, and give each of your staff different access codes for different areas. In this way, no matter where you are, you can always be in control of the security system in your business. The InTouch Business apps are available for iOS and Android platforms.

Video Solutions

The video solutions provided by CPI Security allow you to monitor your assets effectively, and ensure that you get immediate help from authorities whenever something bad happens in your business. With the combination of robust alarm monitoring and surveillance system, everything that happens within your business place is recorded and monitored.

Whenever something suspicious happens, the monitoring central sends the suspicious video clip directly to the authorities, ensuring that help is dispatched quickly to your place. You can also set the system to send you immediate alerts whenever something suspicious is happening in your business.


CPI Security provides a complete security solution for home and business, allowing you to fully protect your business from intruders and other emergency situations 24/7. The customized business solutions are designed to give you the best security protection based on your business environment and needs.

The real-time response ensures that the monitoring central responds to your emergency alarm in seconds, as well as to minimize the occurrence of false alarm. InTouch Business allows you to control and manage your security system from your smartphone and tablet devices anywhere. And the video solutions ensure that your business is always monitored 24 hours in a day, allowing you to get help from local authorities at the time of emergency situation immediately.

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