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By: CyberGhost S.R.L. From Romania

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CyberGhost is a VPN service provided by CyberGhost S.R.L., a company founded in 2011 and headquartered in Bucharest, Romania. It is one of the most common VPN service providers in Western Europe and Germany. The common goal of the company is to allow internet users to have more freedom in accessing knowledge, as well as more security and privacy.

Unlimited Bandwidth with Live Server Update

CyberGhost provides a fast and secure connection without any limitation in the amount of data transfer that you use. It means that you can use this VPN service to stream any movies, download any files, play any online games, or share any data without limitation. There is no bandwidth cap for your connection, and you are not required to pay for data transfer. The live server update allows you to see the server status, as well as monitor the server availability in all areas.

Anti-Fingerprinting System with Full Encryption

This VPN service allows you to surf the internet anonymously, without worrying that someone might record your internet activities. With the anti-fingerprinting system, your internet activities are guaranteed to be secure and private, with no logging or monitoring whatsoever. It also gives you a fully encrypted connection, with 256-AES bit encryption, which is the strongest online security encryption you can find today. It means that all your data are safe with this service.

Unrestricted Access with Hidden IP

If your country or ISP is blocking your access to certain websites, CyberGhost VPN can help to unblock the access to those websites. You can access those websites securely, without any restriction with this VPN connection. With this service, you also hide your real IP address, so that those websites cannot track your real location. This is a good way to enjoy content that only available in certain countries. You just need to switch your IP to the desired country, and access the content with your chosen IP address. It provides the true freedom of internet access.

Top-Class Security and Privacy Control

You should know that many VPN service providers are providing you their VPN connection without guaranteeing your online security and privacy. Those VPN services can in fact steal your data, or hackers can easily monitor your activities and find a loophole to steal your information. That is bad if you know nothing about the importance of internet security and privacy. Fortunately, CyberGhost VPN is providing you with the top-class security and privacy control that allows you to prevent hackers or any other third parties from stealing your data. It uses military-grade privacy and security protection.

Multi-Platform Support

You can use the CyberGhost software on any device that you own, and you can use the VPN connection anywhere you want. The software is connected with your account, in which you can use to connect from any device, whether desktop or mobile devices. It supports all major platforms, including Windows, Mac, Android, Linux, and iOS. The software is easy to install and use, without any complicated configuration.

Free Version Available

Not all VPN service providers offer a free version of their software. However, the CyberGhost VPN service offers a free account for their users. With the free plan, you can use the software freely to surf the internet anonymously and securely. Though the free plan offers you the free VPN connection at reduced speed as compared with the Premium plans, it is one of the very few free VPN service providers that offer the best reliability and performance.


If you want to use a reliable VPN service provider that offers a free VPN access to allow unrestricted internet surfing for you, CyberGhost VPN is the best one to choose. With the anti-fingerprinting system, you can be sure that your data is safe and secure. Also, with the multi-platform support, you can use this service easily by simply installing the software on your device and log into your account. Another huge plus is that it offers affordable pricing options for the premium plans.

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