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By: DigiCert, Inc.

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DigiCert EV Plus is an extended validation SSL certificate provided by DigiCert Inc., a company founded in 2003 and based in Lindon, Utah, USA. The company offers various products and solutions related to SSL certificates, code signing certificates, and PKI solutions. The EV SSL certificate provided by DigiCert provides the highest standards of security authentication system for your website, which helps to maintain customers' confidence and trust toward your business.

Complete Verification Process

When you purchase an EV SSL certificate from DigiCert, a complete verification process is in order. This is to ensure that all the certificate applicants are trusted and authorized by their organization to use the certificate, as well as to reduce the chance for fraudulent websites from using the DigiCert certificate. The verification process includes the legal, physical, and operational  verification for the organization. Not only that, DigiCert conducts various other verification measures, such as matching the legal identity with official records, verifying that the applicant has legal control over the domain name, and verifying that the applicant has the rights to legally issue the certificate on behalf of the company or organization. This rigorous process ensures that each DigiCert EV SSL certificate is issued only for the authorized parties, which boost the certificate security even more.

Highest Level of Encryption with Tier-3 Customer Service

The encryption system provided by DigiCert EV SSL certificate includes 2048-bit encryption on the root certificate, a strong 256-bit encryption for data security, as well as support for SHA-1 and SHA-2 algorithms. This ultimate combination of security encryption system creates the best security and privacy protection in your website, allowing your users to freely do various data transfer activities without worrying about their data security. Additionally, with the green address bar and the trusted seal sign from DigiCert, you give the visual assurance for your customers to trust your business and complete their transactions on your website with confidence. Thus, it can also help to increase the overall profit of your business. The 3-tier customer service team is available 24/7, which you can contact in various ways, including via a dedicated phone support line.

Fast Certificate Issuance and Free Reissues

Once you place your order for EV SSL from DigiCert, the validation experts from the company work immediately to respond to your order. Whereas the other EV SSL certificate providers may issue your certificates within 3 days or more, you can be sure that your certificate from DigiCert is issued within a few hours after your order. In this way, you don't need to risk the security of your website and settle for lesser security options. You just need to wait for a few hours, and your certificate is ready to fully protect your website with the strongest security encryption system. Also, DigiCert allows you to reissue your certificate for free whenever you need it, as long as the certificate is still valid. This is unlike many other EV SSL certificate providers that only allow you to reissue your certificate during 30 days after your purchase.


The DigiCert EV SSL certificate allows you to give assurance for your website visitors about your website security. Thus, it can help you to build trust between your customers and your brand as quickly as they load your website. The rigorous process taken in verifying the information of the certificate applicants ensures that each certificate issued by DigiCert is highly secure and verifiable. Thus, there is no chance for any fraudulent applicants with fraudulent websites to apply for the EV SSL certificate from DigiCert. The strong encryption system, combined with a top-notch support team allows you to have peace of mind about the security of your website, while knowing that help is always available whenever you need it. The fast certificate issuance and free reissues ensure that you can get your EV SSL certificate as quickly as possible, without waiting for days.

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