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Incorporating a company can be time consuming as well as tricky affair. It can suck out a lot of your entrepreneurial energy and waste it into fine prints of legal documents. And even if you’re prepared for it, you won’t be allowed to do so by the law, as government has permitted only registered agents to receive letters on behalf of a company. That’s right – not everyone can receive documents sent by the government to companies. Such a thing can be done only by Registered Agents. That’s why they’re designated at the time of incorporation. Though some states (i.e. Nevada) allow them to be designated later by submitting a separate form, there’s no point in stretching the process.

So you’ll be better off if you put your efforts and energy into finding a reliable and professional registered agent instead. And now when you’ve come here, this is gonna be a lot easier for you because we’re going to review the Registered Agent services of one such player called DoMyLLC. Let’s take a look at some of their most promising benefits:

Intuitive Online Interface

In this online era what can be a better way to access anything than finding it online? Folks at DoMyLLC understand it, so they allow you to access all government documents sent to your company through an intuitive online user interface. You can use it anytime to access all compliance documents, taxation documents, notifications or Service of Process documents related to your business.


The $99 annual price of DoMyLLC’s Registered Agent services is 17% more affordable than the prices of other such service providers. This makes it a highly affordable Registered Agent in the country. This is significant because other Better Business Bureau (BBB) accredited service providers are charging anywhere between $125 - $300 for the same service.

Quick Service

DoMyLLC claims that incorporate with them doesn’t take any more than 15 minutes of time from the clients. You just need to sign up from their website and provide them a signature (if required), and they take care of the rest. Now this is a pretty bold claim, and its presence on their website means that they’re quite confident about it. Convenience can’t get better than this!

Other features

DoMyLLC’s Registered Agent services also come with many additional features. They come with a form library, a compliance calendar and absorption of transfer fees. All of these features, as you may expect, make your job easy as a businessperson and come very handy whenever you need to communicate or file something with the government.

Learning Center

Besides all these benefits, there’s also a side benefit of taking their services, which self-learners will appreciate highly. They’ve a “Learning Center” on their website that can be used by entrepreneurs if they want to learn anything related to corporate filings or laws. A lot of good information is available there, and the best part is that you don’t need to order their services to learn from them. Yes – they’ve made this information available for free.


As you can see yourself, with all these features DoMyLLC has got everything it should have to provide you the services of registered agents in a professional manner. The best part of their services is that they’re highly affordable, so you don’t risk a lot of money by trying them. Plus, they also have 'A+’ rating given by BBB, which means that this is a very low risk investment for your business. Therefore, you should certainly give them a serious thought while incorporating your company.

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