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Ecwid is an eCommerce software created by Ecwid Inc., a company founded in 2009, with offices located in the USA and Russia. The focus of this company is to help small businesses to start selling on Facebook and other websites quickly and easily. The software helps you to create a professional and fully-featured eCommerce store that you can install on Facebook and other CMS platforms.

Free Plan and Easy Setup

One of the best advantages of Ecwid is that you can set it up and install it quickly, without doing any complicated steps at all. You can embed your store in your existing website or Facebook page and start selling immediately. The free plan allows you to use the software with various features, such as instant payment, mobile optimization, and simultaneous selling. However, it limits you to sell only up to 10 products in your store, which is good if you have a small online store with a few products to sell. Best of all, the software doesn’t charge transaction fees for any purchases made within your store.

Store Management

This software provides various features that help you to easily manage your store, inventory, products, delivery, and customers. The inventory tracking feature allows you to track your product availability in real time. The shipping option feature allows you to customize your shipping rates with various delivery services. The product management feature allows you to manage your products based on various aspects, such as sizes, categories, colors, types, and more. It also makes it possible for you to give various offers to customers in the forms of discounts and coupons, which can help to boost your product sales.

Simultaneous Selling on Multiple Platforms

Though Ecwid can mainly be used as a Facebook store platform, you can also use this software to create an eCommerce platform for your existing website. You can even sell products on multiple platforms at the same time, without any additional charges. It comes with the automatic update feature which keeps you up to date with the latest features and functions to enhance your online store, without manually installing the updates. The software is also designed for speed and security. It provides a quick checkout process for your customers, which help to prevent your customers from abandoning their shopping carts. Aside from that, it is equipped with Level 1 PCI Compliant security system, which keeps all your data secure from any third-party intrusions.

Third-Party Connections

The software is already connected and integrated with various third-party platforms and services to allow smooth business transactions with your customers. First, it is integrated with various website and CMS platforms, such as WordPress, Drupal, Facebook, and Wix, which allows you to install the platform into your existing website no matter what the CMS platform that you are using. Second, it is integrated with various shipping services, such as UPS, USPS, FedEx, and Australia Post, to help you with the delivery process of your orders. And third, it integrates with various payment systems, such as PayPal, 2CO,, and Stripe, allowing you to conduct worldwide business transactions within your online store.


Ecwid provides an affordable eCommerce platform for small business, with loads of useful features to help you build a professional online store. With various third-party connections and integrations available with the software, you don’t need to do any complicated things to build your online store, since you can just connect with the available third-party services that you want to use in your business. This software is useful if you want to sell products on multiple platforms without hassle, and the store management features can help you to provide the best service for your customers in the long run.

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