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eVerify is a people search platform designed to investigate anyone quickly and easily, which you can perform from any device that you have. The service is provided by eVerify, a people search company based in Boston, Massachusetts. The focus of the company is to help users perform an accurate background check on anyone living in the US in order to know more about the person that they are searching for, as well as prevent harmful encounters with such person.

Search Criminal Records And Court Documents

eVerify provides a comprehensive information for you about the criminal records and court documents related to the person you are searching. This gives you a more detailed look on the person, giving you the idea whether the person is dangerous for you or not. Of course, an individual should not be judged as a dangerous person just because of the crimes that the person has committed in the past, but at least, you can be more aware about the person when you take a look at the individual’s criminal records and court documents. The information that you get includes felony records, warrants, mugshots, police report details, tax liens, family court cases, personal injury cases, bankruptcy filings, and a lot more.

Search Personal Information

Aside from checking the background of the individual, you can also find out about the personal information of that individual. In this case, the information that you get is real information that you can trust. Someone might say that he or she is someone else, but with this tool, you can uncover the real identity of the person easily. This includes the individual’s relatives and family members, real name and date of birth, education records, aliases, marital status, occupation, assets, and so on.

Enhanced Web Search Feature To Reveal More Information

eVerify not only provides a lot of information extracted from millions of public records, but it can also provide even more information than that. Using the enhanced web search feature, you can use this service to reveal more information about the individual. In addition to the information that you get from the public records, you can also get the information about the person’s online activities, such as social media accounts, forum posts, blog posts, posted images and videos, and comments that the individual has posted on the internet. It can help you to investigate your target further.

Use Any Device To Perform Background Check Anytime

The good thing about this service is that you can use this service with any device that you have. It means that you can use it with your desktop computers or mobile devices. With this feature, you can perform the background check of anyone even if when you are on the train. With the on-the-go background check, it makes the background check operation quicker and easier to use. You don’t need to go home and use your desktop computer just to find out some information about someone you just met. You can do it right away using your mobile device.

Fast Search Results In Just A Few Minutes

While many other people search services may require more than 10 minutes to find information about one individual, you can see the difference when you use eVerify. This people search service allows you to investigate anyone quickly and easily. With this tool, you don’t waste time waiting for the results. You can get the report about the individual in just a few minutes and a few clicks. There is no complicated process when you use this service. You simply type the contact information that you want to search, hit enter, and get your results immediately.


With many people search services available out there, eVerify stands out from the competition by offering fast and reliable results for your search. Additionally, the amount of information that you get from each search can give you enough perspective about the person that you want to investigate. Moreover, the enhanced web search feature allows you to find more information about the person’s online activities, revealing the individual’s thoughts and ideas about various things. This is the people search tool that is recommended for people who want to investigate deeper on the person that they want to know about.

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