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By: Strategy11, LLC From USA

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Formidable Pro is a form builder WordPress plugin created by Strategy 11 LLC, a company that focuses on creating WordPress-based software to help the users enhance their WordPress site for their online business. Other products created by Strategy 11 LLC include Display Widgets plugin, Terms of Use plugin, WP Huddle, and S11 Help Desk plugin. . It is available in three different pricing options: Basic, Standard, and Unlimited.

Drag and Drop Form Building

Formidable Pro allows you to create the form in an easy way, just by a simple drag and drop process. You can place the parts of your form with a single click, and you can build your form without having to think too much about how it looks, because you can customize the form just as easily as you build it. This allows you to be able to finish your form building quickly, spending only about 5 minutes building the form that you can use later on your website. The layout is simple, with no complicated things to configure.

Email Notification and Autoresponder

You can connect your form with an autoresponder system for the purpose of email marketing. Also, the email notification feature enables you to get notification whenever someone is submitting their information into your form. In this way, you can always monitor the activity of your form in real time. You can even set the notifications to be sent to different email addresses, depending on the information submitted within the form. Once your site users submit their information, you can record their email addresses and send autoresponder messages to them as a follow-up email marketing process.

Free Automatic Lifetime Updates

Not only Formidable Pro is provided to you for a one-time fee, you can also get free automatic updates for the future releases of this software. Thus, you always use the latest version of the software, which ensures that you get the best performance of the software, along with the latest features. As new features are regularly added into the software, you get the benefit of using them without having to pay any upgrade price for the software. All the update process is done via your WordPress admin dashboard, and you don’t need to use any FTP system to perform the update process manually.

Complete Add-Ons

Formidable Pro comes with various add-ons that help to enhance the functionalities of the software. The complete add-ons that you get for the software allow you to add captcha to your form, integrate your email marketing system, accept payment with your form, and use hundreds of third-party services that help to run your business even more smoothly. The add-on called Zappier allows you to connect with online apps like Facebook, Evernote, Gmail, Twitter, Google Drive, Dropbox, and more.

Full Customization

You can customize the look and feel of your form to match your website template, so that you can enhance the aesthetics of your website with your form. The customization options allow you to change the color and the style of your form, allow users to change your site posts and pages, and add their own entries to your site with ease. You can also integrate this software with other WordPress plugins that use shortcodes.


If you are looking for a good and cost-effective online form builder software, Formidable Pro is a good choice for you. You can create forms easily and quickly, and add them to your WordPress sites without the hassle. The customization options and the integration options allow you to create the form that matches with your website layout and theme, with full functionality that you need for your business. With the one-time purchase of the software, you need to pay only once and use this software forever. However, the drawback of this software is that you can only use it with WordPress-bases sites.

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