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Since its beginning in 2001, IncParadise incorporated thousands of companies and offers  incorporation in all 50 states including most popular states such as Delaware, Nevada, California and Wyoming. The helpful staff is always here to assist you during whole incorporation process, help with filling paperwork and answer your questions.

IncParadise besides incorporation offers  help maintaining of your corporation by reminding when the required annual filings are due, registered agent (in all 50 states) and  mail forwarding in its hometown Las Vegas, NV.


IncParadise can help you incorporate your C-Corporation or LLC in every US state. Other company types like S-Corporation, Non-profit, etc are available only in certain states. Incorporation fee is only $89 (which includes preparation of Articles of Incorporation) + state fees that vary state by state.

Maintaining the C-Corp or LLC

After you incorporate, there are still some things you have to do during the year to keep your corporation alive. Each state determines its own duties and rules and IncParadise can help you with all of them. Once you are their client, you can use online document generator for creating Company Minutes like Corporate Bylaws or Stock Certificates, which is part of IncContact, user interface for clients.

Registered agent

Same as with companies, IncParadise offers registered agent in all 50 states. Each state requires a company to have one. Registered agent receives important documents for your company and then forwards them to you. Fee for Registered agent is only $89/year, which can be as low as $40/year when you pre-pay.

Mail forwarding

Mail forwarding is a great choice if you don’t want the mail to come to your personal or company address or to have your own US address.

IncParadise receives all your mail for you, notifies you by email all mail received,  and will forward it  to you on scheduled mail out date.  If you need to read your mail immediately, IncParadise can scan the mail and upload it to your IncContact account. This service is currently available only in Las Vegas, NV but soon it will be also available in Wyoming and Delaware.

International clients

Incorporating in the US from abroad can be very challenging, but thanks to years of experience in working with international clients IncParadise understands their needs and has many solutions that can help solve problems of incorporating in the US from abroad.


IncContact is client interface, where clients can not only place and manage orders, but also use documents generator mentioned above. Here you’ll also find scanned mails from mail forwarding. Customers are also notified, both in their account and by email, about expiring services or need to fill documents like Annual list.

Informative website and blog

Before you decide to incorporate, you may want to know a bit more about how all this works. IncParadise provides on its webstite lot of useful information like incorporation requirements for each state, possible business structures, explanation of documents required by the Secretary of State and many more. On their blog you can find comparisons of incorporating in different states or business structures.

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