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iWriter For Clients

iWriter is one of the famous names in the world of online content writing services, which brings together several writers and requesters (publishers). Unlike other content services, this one gives a chance to freelance writers from all across the globe to fulfill the clients’ orders. This gives you a very rare opportunity to work with global talents, instead of only U.S-based ones.

At iWriter, each client is known as requester. As a requester, you can obtain any type of content, ranging right from blog posts to rewrites and from Web content to academic papers. You are ensured of skilled writers, as the writers here are rated as per their skills and ability only. For requesters, a professional job board is available for giving the instructions for writing articles.

The Rank System

The price per project is set as per the number of words per article, the writer’s rank, and your willingness for a tip. Writers belong to one of three ranks namely, Basic, Premium, and Elite. All writers start as a Basic writer and then proceed ahead as per their writing skills and your ratings.

A Premium writer has a minimum of 30 orders completed and rates between 4 and 4.6 out of 5 stars. Such a level indicates that the writer has managed to gain positive feedback from other requesters, which is usually not easy at iWriter. Selecting a Premium writer is essential if you need good quality articles at good price.

As the name suggests, an Elite writer is certainly the best professional out there, with an average rating between 4.6 and 5 stars. However, you also end up paying more to such writers. A special way to order your work is ‘Special Request’ through which you directly send an order to your favorite writer. Even such an order is associated with more pay than the regular rate.

The Work Process

Once the article is completed, you get three days to approve or reject it. If you reject, there is no scope for revision and the order goes back to the pool for another writer to grab it, without paying anything to the former writer. If you select, the writer is paid and you give the desired rating. However, in case of no response, the article gets approved automatically and the writer is paid.

You can even expect spin ready articles completely for free. Each approved article has its spun version having spin tags throughout it. It is useful if you use article syndication network for SEO purpose.

iWriter For Writers

iWriter seems to be an all-inclusive content writing portal featuring a big hub of writers and requesters (publishers). While requesters can get any kind of content written including rewrites, while writers can choose from a wide range of assignments created by the formers and earn handsomely on each of them.

Unlike other content writing services, iWriter allows you to start writing immediately after signing up, without demanding a skill test or sample article. The writers have the chance to reveal to the requesters what you can offer. This is possible when you select a job category of your choice from the job board as well as gain the minimum rating for that category. In short, your success here is greatly dependent on your skills and ability.

Types of Options

Once you sign up, your earnings per order is dependent on the number of words per article, the gained rank, and the requester’s kindness in the form of a tip. There are three ranks for writers namely, Basic, Premium, and Elite. After signing up, a writer automatically starts as a standard writer, which means getting access to articles meant only for standard writers.

For becoming a Premium writer, you need to collect a minimum of 30 ratings, which averages between 4 and 4.6 from 5 stars. This means for moving to the next level for better pay, you need to complete at least 30 orders. Well, this is something tough as requesters can easily reject your articles without any strong reason. Even worst is the absence of revision opportunity. However, reaching up to Premium is a minimal requirement for those who prefer to write quality articles at a great price.

Lastly, you can be an Elite writer that seems to be a dream here. This upgrade is possible when the average rating is between 4.6 and 5 stars. Obviously, this is the highest paying tier on the site.

A noteworthy mention goes to Special Request, which means a requester directly sends you a project. The best part of such a request is that it pays you more than the regular rate. Moreover, for a higher pay, you need to get repeated requests from the requesters.

Review and Payments

Upon submission of article, the requester rates your work according to the level of his/her satisfaction. In case of unfair rejection that happens at iWriter, you can raise a dispute and the team at iWriter will look into it. Payments are through PayPal only and are made as per your choice: Weekly, bi-weekly, and monthly.


iWriter is a good choice if you are not seeking a full-fledged solution for your writing services. This is perhaps because of the delay involved in getting a new writer once the article is rejected.

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