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Kinsta is a managed WordPress hosting service. They have been in action since 2013, and have managed to build up their reputation as one of the top WordPress hosting services. They provide the advantage of Google Cloud Platform along with other features such as daily backup and excellent consumer support.


  • They use the Google Cloud Platform, which provides twenty server locations across the globe.
  • The use of Amazon Route 53 helps further improves the performance.
  • They use KeyCDN to take care of speed
  • Automatically creates a daily backup with options to increase the frequency.
  • Easy and free SSL certification.
  • Easy switching between PHP versions.
  • Provides at least one free migration under all subscription plans.
  • Provides staging environment to run a trial for possible changes and modifications on the website.
  • Provides an insightful analytics section which helps find out flaws on the website.
  • Has a two-tier access level for team members.
  • 24/7 customer support.
  • It is designed aptly for WordPress websites.


  • They do not provide the option of phone support.
  • There is no email hosting service under Kinsta.


One may argue if WordPress is the best platform for blogging and creating a website or not, but there is no denying the fact that it is the most popular and preferred platform for such needs.

There are millions of websites created on WordPress, which range from the ones receiving millions of views per month to the ones getting only a handful of them each month. Famous brands and bloggers have their sites created on WordPress along with websites which exist without anyone noticing them.

However, creating a website on this platform is one thing and ensuring that it is always available for users without any hiccups is entirely different.

If you or your business gets affected by the kind of experience that viewers get while trying to access your site, then you will obviously want to use a hosting service which keeps any such issue at bay.

Kinsta is a popular choice among people with WordPress sites. It is WordPress hosting service which takes care of all the requirements of WordPress websites and helps webmasters focus on growing and developing the website rather than worrying about hosting related issues.

Since it is a managed hosting service, it will take care of most of the responsibilities. Some significant contributors to the increasing popularity of Kinsta are robust security and better loading speeds for the websites.

The fact that it uses Google Cloud Platform to host websites makes a lot of people consider this service. It is difficult to find negative opinions about Kinsta. You will probably come across a few people complaining about pricing structure.

In this review, we will discuss the pricing structure and all the other facets of this hosting service in details. We will see how much of a difference does it makes to host a WordPress site on Kinsta when compared to other options.

There will be some severe scrutiny of the factors which seem to be making this hosting service popular among the WordPress site owners. Kinsta is a hosting service which focuses only on WordPress websites, so it is natural for users to expect some features which will make it easier for them to manage particular aspects such as plugins.

So, let’s get going and find out all we can about this WordPress hosting service.

Adding a WordPress site to Kinsta

The most logical way to with review would be to start with the part when you add a WordPress website on Kinsta.

Your subscription plan will decide how many WordPress installs you can have on your Kinsta account. Creating a new WordPress site on this platform is relatively easy.

When you try to add a new site on Kinsta, the first thing it prompts you to do is to choose a data center location. We already mentioned that they use Google Cloud Platform to host websites.

Google has got its datacenters strategically placed in 20 locations across the globe. These locations are such that they help negate latency issues no matter where you are in the world.

Since it is a Google network, one can expect everything to be the best in its class. The platform will provide you with all the security features possible to make sure all your sensitive data is safe at all times, and their robust network will take care of the speed.

We all know that Google is one of the industry leaders in this field, and since they use the same network, you can stay assured of nothing but the best facilities.

The network covers a good part of the globe. It is expected to expand even more in the near future, which will sweeten the deal even more for users.

Then you put in the site name and specify if you will be using your own domain. There will be three options to move ahead from this point.


You can choose not to install a WordPress and just now, and only create a site on Kinsta. The next option will be to install a brand new WordPress. Selecting this option will give you opportunities to specify some more details.

It will be to specify a username, password, email address, etc. There are a lot of language options to choose from as well.

In the end, it will ask you if you want to install WordPress multisite, WooCommerce, and Yoast SEO on this site.

The third option of adding a new site on Kinsta is to choose one from the existing environments. If you have already got some site(s) listed in your Kinsta account, then you can use the same settings to create a new one.

Once you enter all the details and add a new site, Kinsta will take a few minutes to reflect it in the sites section.

There is an option for those who want to migrate their existing websites from other hosting services to this one, and we will discuss it in a later section of this review.

Inside Kinsta

The user interface on this hosting platform is detailed and laid out very well. It has sections dedicated to most of the user’s needs, and sections are further categorized into sub-sections if needed.

You can navigate through all these sections to get more information about sites you are hosting or your activities. Let us go through some of these sections and see what they have got to offer users.

The dashboard

It is the first thing you will see when you login into your Kinsta account. It looks more like an analytics section which gives a summary of things happening on your website(s) and your Kinsta account.

The block of information contains all the sites you have hosted using this service and the number of visits on them.


Next block is about how much of the Kinsta resources you have consumed. This information pertains to all the limits applicable to your subscription account.

The subscription plans on this service are capped by the number of websites you can host, number of monthly visits on these sites, and disc usage.

You can exceed the limits in some instances, and they will charge you some extra amount depending on how much you exceeded the limit. For other parameters, you can’t go beyond what is specified. The only way to do so would be to upgrade the subscription plan to a better one.

For example, if you exceed the limit on the number of views allowed on your site, then they will bill you a fixed amount for every extra 1000 visitors. But in the case of CDN usage limit, you will have to pay for the exceeded limits.

Resource usage block shows this information by filling up rings for these different parameters. You will be able to know if you are about to exceed your expectations while getting the subscription by just looking at this block.

The next block is for invoices. It will tell you how much you will have to pay at the end of the month for all the resources you are consuming.

In the end, there are graphs for the number of visitors and bandwidth usage. It tells you if you about the rate of growth you are experiencing for the sites and something similar for data transfer as well.


Moving on to the next tab, you reach sites. It will show you all your sites and provide some general details about them at first. It includes data center locations, visits, data usage, bandwidth usage, PHP version, website status, etc.

You can select any of these sites to know more about them or if you want to make some changes. When you choose a website, it will take you to a new window with a lot of tabs for you to manage the website.

The first tab is info, and it will tell you all the details about it. It will inform you about details such as IPv4 address, the path used, external IP address. Then there will be the SSH section with credentials and port information.


There is a button to access phpMyAdmin console on in this tab and a lot many numbers which you may or may not be interested in.

One useful feature on this tab is that you can change the environment of the website. You can switch between staging and live environment.

It allows the user to test all the changes and modifications on the staging version before actually introducing them on the live website.

The next tab you encounter will be domains. It contains the button for you to access WordPress admin account directly.


It will show you websites and their domains against them. The website domain will end with by default if you don’t opt for the option of using your domain while adding a site.

This tab also provides you the option of connecting the website to your domain name. One can add a introduce a new domain name for the website and make it primary. It’s as simple as that. Make sure you run a Search and Replace once you are done changing the domain name.

The next tab is backups. Kinsta automatically generates backups of your sites daily. It is one of the impressive features of this hosting service.

With the automatic backup system, you will not be bothered much by a lot of issues. Restoring the site to a backup version takes just one click, and you will be back to the fully functional site.


Each backup stays in the system for 14 or 30 days, depending on the subscription plan, before it gets replaced by a newer version. There are options to get backups for every six hours or even every single hour. But you will have to shell some extra money for that kind of convenience.

You can always manually create a backup whenever you are about to introduce a change which has the potential of stirring things up. It is a safer way to make sure any mishap or bug is not able to affect you much.

We found automatic backups quite useful on the whole.

‘Tools’ might be one of the most useful tabs in this section. This section helps one understand why Kinsta is called ‘managed’ WordPress hosting service and not just a WordPress hosting service.


The first tool on this window is ‘Clear Cache.’ You will not have to go looking for plugins to clear out cache stored on your websites. When you host your site on Kinsta, they automatically install Kinsta MU plugin which helps them take care of caching for you.

It takes just one click of a button to get rid of cache files stored. It will let your site display the most recent version. There are options to cache complete page or just individual objects.

SSL certification’ has now become a very common thing. However, it is one of the most critical features which may affect performance and traffic on your site. Its primary function is to keep user’s information safe and strengthen security, but we all know that advantages of an HTTPS go way beyond security.

With SSL, all information exchange between the site and user take place in encrypted form so that there is a lesser threat of data theft or leakage while someone is on your site.

Along with security, HTTPS is now one of the essentials for better traffic. Browsers such as Chrome would label your site as ‘unsecure’ if someone visits it. Indicators such as these are more than enough to repel users away from your website.

SSL certification affects the site’s SEO ranking as well. Kinsta lets you enable SSL encryption on your site. You can either generate a free SSL certificate on this service or add a custom SSL certificate from some other source. It is simple to go along any of these paths when you have your website on Kinsta.

There is a ‘Force HTTPS’ button which will help you ensure that all traffic to your site comes through the secure channel. You get to take care of both security and visibility in one simple step.

A significant proportion of WordPress sites are based on PHP. Like most computing languages, this has also got its versions and life cycles. It is necessary that one uses the latest or more advanced version of PHP to ensure better security and performance his site.

PHP has stopped rolling out patches for a lot of its older versions. It means that sites still using these older versions are more vulnerable to security issues. Since older versions lack the advanced features that come along with newer versions, sites based on these older versions are more likely to come across performance issues as well.

In the ‘PHP engine’ option, you can switch between various PHP versions. There will be an array of PHP versions available under this tool, and you can go with any one of them. However, we would always recommend that you always go with the latest versions for best results.

The ‘Restart PHP’ option will help you solve issues that you may not be able to point out. It turns out to be the best solution to a lot of minor problems.

Kinsta provides the option of ‘New Relic monitoring’ right from the interface of this platform. Thanks to this option you can add your own New Relic license to your account and find website performance bottlenecks.

The ‘Search and Replace’ option will be there for you whenever you want to update a lot of stuff on your website. It will come in use when you change domain or mover from HTTP to HTTPS.

This simple tool can help you save a lot of time. You will be able to use it for a lot of tasks when it comes to updating information related to your website.

The next tab in this section is Redirects. We all know how important it is to ensure that users reach the right places on your website. You will be able to take care of 404 errors using this feature. It will help take care of SEO considerations as well.


You may run across some performance issues when you use the free WordPress plugins for redirects. However, Kinsta works differently when compared to these plugins and allows you to redirect traffic without any performance hiccups.

The next section is ‘WP Plugins.’ It is where you can see all the plugins installed on your website. You can check the status of these plugins, i.e. if they are live or not.

It also shows the version of the plugin and tells if there is any scope for further upgrades. You can see plugins for the live website as well as for the staging website. It will help you know which plugin is causing issues if any.


‘IP Deny’ will help you prevent bots and spammers from attacking your website. If you notice suspicious activities from one or more IP addresses, you can block them directly from this tool.

However, since it is such an efficient tool, you should always be sure that the IP address you are about to block is indeed a harmful one.

There may be situations when mere blocking IPs won’t suffice. Generally, spammers tend to change their virtual locations if you block them using such means.

Kinsta provides some additional features which allow you to block traffic from entire regions and countries if you want. Then they can assist you in dealing with DDoS attacks as well if needed.

CDNs (Content Delivery Network) are pretty much becoming the norm these days. It helps in faster delivery of content, which benefits both viewers as well as webmasters.

Kinsta will put you on KeyCDN’s network if you opt to go for a CDN on this service. There is absolutely no need to use this feature if you are already using services of some other content delivery network as it may do more harm then good to your site.

Enabling CDN on Kinsta is an easy enough process. You can do so from the ‘CDN’ tab in this section. They provide some free bandwidth for CDN traffic under all the subscription plans for one to begin with.

The final tab in this exhaustive section is ‘Logs.’ It shows both errors as well as access logs, which can turn out to be very helpful when you set out to find what went wrong with the website. Again, it is available for both stagings as well as the live environment.



It’s not an easy task to transfer all your resources and information from one platform to another. This becomes a problem, especially when you have a huge website with a lot of resources.

There can be a lot of complications if you decide to move your site resources by yourself. You might end up losing your valuable data, or the site might not even work.

When you transfer from some hosting service to Kinsta, you may come across the need to migrate your website as well. Free migrations form Kinsta may come in handy in this case.

There is at least one free migration available with all the Kinsta plans. Well, that free migration is there for a reason and you should not hesitate in using it when needed.

All you need to do is provide them with the necessary information they need to migrate the site, and they will take care of most of the part.

In an ideal scenario, you will not have to do any legwork, and there won’t be any downtime as well. If you doubt your knowledge of managing WordPress resources even a little bit, then we suggest it would be better if you leave it up to experts.

A few complications may arise if your website has a complex structure when it comes to redirection rules. You may have to take the help of a developer in this case.

You will also have to take care of DNS yourself. Then there are are some self-inflicted issues. Some users may not feel comfortable in allowing others to handle their sensitive information. In such cases, users will have to either take things in their own hand or hire some hands for help.

If you have got more than one site to migrate, then you can do so by paying for every site you make Kinsta to migrate. The charges vary depending upon how many websites you want them to migrate.

This feature is a blessing for those who don’t have very sound technical capabilities when it comes to handling this kind of stuff.

Kinsta DNS

If you create a new WordPress website on Kinsta, then your DNS will already be pointing to their servers. In other cases, such as if you have a domain pointing to some other service, you will have to make them point to Kinsta servers.

You can manage all the DNS-related settings in Kinsta DNS section. You will have two options of going about doing things in this section.


The first way is that you can simply point your domain to the IP address assigned to you by Kinsta. However, this method comes with its own sets of limitations. You will not be able to manage your DNS records through Kinsta.

The other disadvantage is that you will miss the opportunity to enjoy Kinsta’s premium DNS service. Premium DNS service is available for free to all Kinsta users, and it makes a lot more sense to use this DNS service if you have your website hosted with them.

They have partnered with Amazon Route 53 to provide DNS services. It is known for being more effective and secure in general when compared to some of the average ones.

The massive DDoS attack of October 2016 taught a lot of lessons to DNS services, and Amazon Route 53 applies all of those teachings when it comes to providing services to its users.

It comes with latency, and geolocation routing to help you get a consistent existence of your website on the internet.

Latency refers to keep the cache safe for long enough that it allows the service to handle any kind of emergency.

Pointing domain to Kinsta with nameservers is an easy enough task. They have broken it down into easy steps, and all you need to do during the entire process is to follow the instructions and provide the necessary information.


Most of us are suckers for numbers and data these days. Data tells you the truth about whatever it is happening around that piece of information rather than having you to guess about it.

If you remember, the dashboard shows some data about sites at the beginning. Well, that was only a glimpse of what was about to follow in this section. In the Analytics tab, you will have all kind of numbers and facts thrown at you about the sites you are hosting on Kinsta.

Depending on your expertise and skills, you can use this data for all sorts of troubleshooting and performance enhancement activities.

Before we dive into the actual data, let us have a look at the filters first. They allow you to filter data in two ways. You can sort it by websites and by period. They can give you the representation for stats for the past 24 hours, 7 days, and 30 days. It will allow you to increase or decrease the scope of research as you feel necessary.

The first tab in this section is ‘Analytics.’ It shows graphs for the number of visits on the sites, bandwidth used, and data for top requests for bytes and views.


Different analytics tools follow different methods when it comes to calculating actual visits on the website. They have their own set of rules to differentiate between traffic and that from bots and crawlers.

Since the number of visits affects how much you pay for the service at the end, you should once go through the rules that Kinsta follows to calculate the number of visits.

The bandwidth usage shows how much data has been consumed by your site(s) for the set period. You should have some keen interest in noticing any abrupt crest or troughs on this graph.

Selecting a point on these two graphs will give you some comparative data. It will tell by what percentage have the views gone up if data usage is above or below average for that point.

The next two datasets will tell you which resources are the most requested on your site, and which ones have been consuming the most data.

Both these stats will help you adopt strategies to make sure you cut down on data usage. It is needless to say that such data will help one find out reasons for failures as well.

In CDN usage, you will get all the data related to your CDN bandwidth consumption. It is yet again one of the parameters which will decide how much you end up paying for this hosting service.

It will show you top files by request, and bytes. It allows you to monitor if certain files are consuming a lot of bandwidth over this content delivery network.

You will be able to identify which media type is consuming the most of your CDN bandwidth by looking at top file extensions by bytes.

There is a pie chart distribution or response codes for the request on your website. Understanding response code is an essential skill expected from all website owners and developers. It helps you understand and identify what’s going wrong with the website.

These response codes will translate what message is sent by the server when someone sends a request to the server. These codes come in series of hundreds with each series signifying a similar set of response.

You will want most, or all of that pie distribution graphic to be covered with response code 200, which translates into everything is ok.

‘Dispersion’ section gives you a comparison of the percentage of users viewing your website on desktop and handheld devices. This will help you ensure that your website is well optimized for the kind of device which the majority of visitors are using.


The next tab in this section will get you a lot of performance stats for your website and help you find ways to improve them. In the first part of the ‘Performance’ tab, you will get the average response time taken by the PHP engine and MySQL engine. This data is for dynamic requests with no cache.

The sudden spikes in the graph will help you identify when things went wrong. You can fix issues yourself or get help form Kinsta support to eliminate the slowness.

The PHP throughput graph will tell you how many times a PHP asset was requested, and the PHP worker limit bar graph will tell you if your site is being able to hit the limit regularly or not. This will also let you know if there is a need to update your PHP version or not.

AJAX usage can come in handy for troubleshooting. You can pay attention to sudden spikes in this data to find the underlying cause for the issues. You will know if it’s a plugin which is responsible for the spike or some issue with CPU at the backend.

Next comes the average upstream time and maximum upstream time. Average upstream time will tell you how much time NGINX takes to process a request and send its response. The maximum upstream time will give you the peaks for the same data. A combined look at both these stats will be a good practice to examine the health of the system.


The next tab, ‘Response,’ will give you a much more detailed breakdown of different response codes generated by the server for all the requests. In the ‘CDN usage’ tab, we got a cursory look of these response codes in the form of a pie chart.

However, this tab exhaustively discusses all of them. It provides the same infographic, but there are many more sub-sections along with that.

The infographic is followed by Response Stats, which summarizes error, redirects, overall success. It will give you the number of redirects, errors, and the percentages for failures and success.

It is then followed by the breakdown for errors of the 500 series. It will give you the total number of errors reported under this order and then a breakdown for specific ones. This part will include errors which relate to server errors, bad gateway, and possible server overloads.

The next section is for the errors of the 400 series. These point toward the issues related to access. It includes errors occurring due to unauthorized access, missing resource, forbidden access, unallowed method, etc.


The redirect breakdown section refers to the errors from the 300 series. Since this series relates redirects, hence the name. These response codes can be seen when a resource is moved, but not found by the server, and when the resource remains unmodified since the user’s last visit.

The top 404 section is a help when it comes to informing you about bots and users trying to reach resources which no longer exist on your website. Let us remind you again that the response code you would want to see each time is 200. It is not an error code. It means that everything happened as supposed.

The next tab, Cache, will give you the information about four different cache responses, that is, HIT, BYPASS, MISS, and EXPIRED, for your site.

There is a section called cache component stack which displays the total number of responses and their distribution. You can inspect these responses on an hourly or daily basis.


You get an infographic which shows the percentages for different response types. It provides the same information as the last one. It is then followed by ‘Top Cache Bypass,’ which gives more details about the requests bypassing the cache.

The final tab in analytics is Geo & IP. It shows the amount of traffic coming from different regions and countries on your site. There are a lot of advantages to this kind of data.

With this information, you can make a better decision when it comes to choosing a server location for your site. We mentioned how Kinsta allows the user to pick up a server location for the site. You can ensure that the server is in the area from where you are getting the most traffic.

It will make it easier for people from these regions to view your website, and they will be less likely to come across any latency issues. Another benefit of having this data is that you will get to know more about your target audience.


The next tab we will discuss is ‘Users.’ It is where you can manage users on this WordPress hosting service.

Kinsta allows one to add multiple users in the account and assign them different roles at various levels. Let us go through the different types of roles that can be assigned on Kinsta.

They have a multiuser feature to manage account access. One is company level, and the other is on site level. It is easy to understand how these levels affect users and the kind of access they get over the elements.

Users with the role of Company administrator get to enjoy the most control over company and website elements. They can manage users, access billing information, make changes in plugins attached, delete websites, etc.

One should choose a company administrator carefully or better keep this role only for themselves. The next block of users in this hierarchy are the ones with the Company developer role. These users can access and manage all the sites in the account. They can even delete the websites if they want, but these users don’t get access to any of the billing information.

Next, are the Company Billing users. These users have exactly the opposite of what Company Developers get in the name of user access. They are allowed to access only the billing information and change some of the company details such as name and address of the company.


Now we reach the users with site level access. These users have access to similar items and areas when compared to company level users, but site level users are limited to only a website.

Site Administrators have access to and can manage all the aspects of a website. The only action they can’t take is to delete a website. These users are allowed to manage the site level users as well.

Site Developers get access to the staging environment of a website. They can make necessary changes under the staging environment and check out if the new changes are working or not.

A single user can be a Site Administrator or Site Developer for a lot of websites.

The most important role on Kinsta is that of Company Owner. The Company Owner enjoys just as many controls as that of a Company Administrator. However, it is only the Company Owner who can close the account. Kinsta allows only for one Company Owner per account.

Adding a new user and assigning them a new role is a simple enough task on this service. The hierarchy of control allows the user to ensure that people don’t get access to more content then what they are supposed to have.

It helps to maintain the privacy and security of the account as well.  The user can easily assign appropriate roles to new users and make it easier for herself to manage various components of sites under the account.

People with the necessary skills of website management get developer roles. Those with better managerial skills get administrator roles, and people with accounting skills can be assigned the Company Billing role.

Team management is easy and effective in Kinsta. It takes care of different skills that people may have and allows to collaborate with others without undermining the security of sites or the account.

Takes care of speed

Kinsta specializes in WordPress websites. It takes care of all the aspects of WordPress websites when it comes to enhancing performance.

With more and more people getting access to high-speed internet around the world, the onus is now on webmasters to make sure their websites are fast enough for users trying to access them.

Page load speed is one of the SEO considerations as well, so, that is one more way how it affects the visibility of your website on the internet.

There are a lot of factors which affect the load speed of a page, and one needs to take care of all of them. Kinsta makes it easy for its users by taking care of a lot of hardware and software aspects.

The most significant advantage that Kinsta users get is that Google Cloud Servers. You know you will not have to worry much about the quality of service when it is the Google cloud network. It provides you abundant of server location options, and you can be sure of high-grade performance across all of these locations.

The volume will never be an issue, and you can expect technology leaders to employ enough security measures to keep your information safe. Another one of the advantages of having a Google Cloud Server is that it is fast.

They also employ Amazon Route 53 premium DNS, which is again a catalyst for higher speeds. It is also available for all the Kinsta servers irrespective of the subscription plan. It helps reduce latency and implies faster DNS lookup times.

With both Google and Amazon involved in your website hosting, you can expect some decent results and faster loading speeds.

They have also partnered with KeyCDN to ensure even the heavier content finds it easy to make to the user’s device without compromising with the quality of content. It is the use of CDN (Content Delivery Network) which allows media streaming services such as Netflix to deliver such high quality to users around the world with such ease.

The factors we discussed until now have more to do with hardware. Coming to the software side of things, use of PHP 7, Nginx, MariaDB and other technologies aid in increasing the load speed as well.

PHP 7, as we all know, is the most advanced version of the PHP family. It showcases a significantly better performance when compared to earlier versions of PHP. It doesn’t take too much of an effort to change the PHP version on Kinsta as well.

Nginx is an open source software developed with the aim of creating the fastest web server. It has evolved along with the development of modern-day websites and their components. It is still one of the best options when it comes to higher speeds for websites.

With Kinsta, you can be sure that your website will not fall behind others when it comes to loading speeds.

Keeps you and your information safe

Security is always a huge concern for website owners. There are numerous ways in which cybercriminals can affect your website. However, if someone adheres to proper security measures, he can easily avoid these threats.

It’s true that these threats on the rise but the different agencies and organizations are coming up with ways to counter these threats as well. It’s a continuous cat and mouse chase which doesn’t seem to come to an end anytime soon.

All you can do in this case is to be on the right side of this chase.

Kinsta has deployed enough security mechanisms on the site to ensure all your sensitive information remains safe while they are hosting your website.

The system is developed such that it not only helps you while your website is under any security threat, but it stays ahead of the game and prevents attacks from taking place in the first place.

They keep an eye out for DDoS attacks and help you stay away from them as we have already explained in the review. Regular backups ensure that if anything goes wrong, things can be easily restored.

They also allow increasing the frequency of backups from daily to hourly, which might be a useful feature for users with very dynamic websites or those who care a bit too much about security.

You can enable two-factor authentication on this service to keep your login secure. In case your website ends up getting hacked, Kinsta will help you get through the rut for free.

Getting an SSL certificate is as easy as it can get on Kinsta. You can simply get one for your site through the dashboard.

Throughout this review, we came across examples which show how these people take care of the security of users. They took care of security even in the collaboration feature, which imparts so much confidence in the user.

It will be difficult for someone to find a flaw in Kinsta’s security structure even if they go about nitpicking.

Competent customer support

Since having a website has become such a necessity for people from all walks of life, you may find people with none to exceptional technical capabilities hosting their WordPress sites on Kinsta.

WordPress has made it easy for an average netizen to get her website up and running. It may require some effort in the beginning, but the learning curve is not so steep, and most people can get through it.

However, as the website starts expanding with more traffic and more content, those with only some basic knowledge of website management may find it difficult to keep up with the growth.

Even the ones with excellent knowledge of things related to website management and hosting may run into roadblocks.

It is these situations which highlight the importance of good customer service. The kind of issues that people may face while using Kinsta will vary from person to person. Since each website is different, they will pose a unique obstacle in front of the support executives each time.

It is not necessary that a user will need support only during technical issues. As we already mentioned, people with all kinds of proficiency have got their websites up on the internet. Some of them may feel the need for assistance, even while starting up with this platform.

We think it’s safe to say that Kinsta has been able to take care of both the scenarios we just mentioned. Let us start with their support executives.

Their support executives are available for help round the clock. In most of the cases, they will reply within a few minutes when you try to reach out to them.

In our case, the support we got was prompt and helpful. You can tell that the person on the other side of the chat knows what he is talking about. It makes a whole lot easier for you to explain the issue to them.

They are skilled enough to guide people across the knowledge spectrum when it comes to website hosting and its nuances.

One of their ways to help out users is to send them links to detailed articles about the topics which are under the spotlight. This brings us to the other part of the support mechanism of Kinsta, that is, the knowledgebase.

Not everyone is a big fan of live chats, and there is only so much that a support representative can type in during chats. Knowledgebase sections, in our opinion, are among the essentials of customer support for any service.

It is easily accessible, and one doesn’t need to wait for people to respond from the other site. The knowledgebase section of Kinsta is rich and exhaustive.

It touches everything around this WordPress hosting service in great details. It can help assist you in factors ranging from billing to the really specific ones about CDN and other features.

Even if you are not facing any issue while using Kinsta, knowledge base section can be a good read to get more insights about this service and consume some useful information related to website hosting in general.

The only genuine complain that one may have with their customer support system can be that there is no option for a telephonic conversation with the support representatives.

However, we didn’t found it to be that much of an issue since our problems got addressed quickly and correctly.

Is it worth the money?

People have not been unified when it comes to commenting on the pricing policy of Kinsta. Some deem it pricey when compared to a few of the popular hosting services, while others find it quite reasonable and are happy to switch from other hosting services to this one.

In our opinion, it may not be an ideal purchase for someone who has just started into the world of WordPress and doesn’t have a website which enjoys a lot of traffic. However, if you have a website which is growing or enjoys healthy traffic, then it may be the right decision to switch to Kinsta.

Same goes for people with multiple websites and some significant traffic. If we talk about mid-tier WordPress hosting services, then they might seem cheaper at first glance.

However, the reality is that they don’t include a lot of services in their plans and if you go on to get those services, you may be surprised at how much it ends up costing you.

In the case of Kinsta, there are no additional costs if you are not exceeding the limits in your plan. If you factor in the quality of service it provides, then you may realize it is better to spend some extra money on the quality since it matters in the long term.

The conclusion

This whole review showcased how good of a hosting service is Kinsta. If you have a WordPress website with some acknowledgeable traffic, then you may consider subscribing to this service.

If you talk about a hosting service, the first question that comes mind is how good is the network. Well, they use Google Cloud Platform, which is enough to put all the doubts about the server network at rest.

They have got all their features and services optimized for WordPress websites, which makes it so much appealing to WordPress webmasters.

Kinsta turned out to be a good blend of simplicity and sophistication. The dashboard allows the user to access and control most of the aspects of websites. They have got one of the most functional user interfaces when it comes to WordPress hosting.

For sophistication, they allow you to use all the top of the class features that a WordPress website owner can have. You can switch between PHP versions, user their DNS services, etc.

Along with the Google Cloud Platform, you also get the advantage of LXD managed hosts and LXC software container, which translates into better performance and privacy.

They help you with anything they can. You can get some assistance in migrations, troubleshoot problems, free support if your website gets hacked, etc.

Speed and security don’t seem to be an issue at all on this service. The analytics section makes it a lot easier for you to manage the website in such a way that you can make the most out of the resources you invested in it.

Working with a team on your site secure and safe. If you are hosting more than one website using Kinsta, then you can keep things separate for various websites by assigning controls to team members over specific websites.

The pricing may not impress a lot of beginners if they compare it directly with the other low tier hosting services. But people who have had a website for long enough with some serious traffic can appreciate the value for money they get with Kinsta.

Kinsta made it extremely difficult for us to find any flaws in it, which is much more than just an achievement.

There is no doubt the Kinsta is among the best WordPress hosting services out there, and we find it easy to encourage our users to give it a try.

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