EV SSL Certificates

EV (Extended Validation) SSL certificate provides the highest level of security protection for your website. The process of issuing an EV SSL certificate takes a more rigorous approach from the certificate providers. Thus, you generally need to wait longer to issue an EV SSL certificate for your website.

Comodo EV SSL

Best security and privacy protection, helping to protect from phishing attacks and reduce shopping cart abandonment.

By: Comodo SSL Store

GoDaddy EV SSL

GoDaddy security seal and the green address bar compatible with all browsers.

By: GoDaddy Operating Company, LLC

DigiCert EV SSL

Strong encryption algorithms that support 128-bit, 256-bit, and 2048-bit encryption system for maximum compatibility.

By: DigiCert, Inc.

Geotrust EV SSL

High level of security authentication with lots of features and affordable pricing.

By: GeoTrust

Thawte EV SSL

Protect confidential information and reduce occurrence of fraud. High level of security...

By: The SSL Store

Symantec EV SSL

Highest level of security with Norton security seal. Vulnerability assessment and daily...

By: Symantec Corporation

EV SSL Certificate Buying Guide

When you have a website that constantly asks for personal information from your visitors, how can you be sure that all the information is securely protected? For instance, if you have a question and answer website, and you ask your visitors to enter their personal information when they register to your website, then you have to keep their information secure and protected. This is especially true when you are running a website that accepts money from your online customers. If you cannot give a strong assurance that your website is secure, nobody is going to trust your website, and thus, your visitors are not going to complete their transactions on your website.

Why SSL Certificates?

This is where SSL certificate is needed for your website. SSL certificate provides the best security assurance for your website visitors, which helps you to build trust and confidence for your customers. By installing a good SSL certificate on your website, you can assure your customers that your website is securely protected with a strong encryption algorithm. With this assurance, your customers are going to be more willing to complete their transactions on your website without worrying about the safety and security of their confidential information. While it is important for you to install a good SSL certificate for your website, it is not enough to provide the maximum security for your customers.

Why Extended Validation Certificates?

Thus, extended validation (EV) SSL certificate is needed. Compared with the standard SSL solution, the EV SSL certificate provides all the premium security features that are not available in the standard SSL certificate, including the green address bar and the secure seal logo. However, there are many EV SSL providers that are available in the market. Here are some tips that you can follow to choose the best EV SSL certificate for your website.

The EV SSL Management Console

Once you've purchased an EV SSL certificate for your website, you have to be able to manage your certificate easily with one centralized management console. Whereas some good certificate providers may provide an EV SSL management console with easy user interface, many others don't provide such a privilege for their users. Even though they provide a kind of management console for your SSL certificates, the management console is usually very complicated and not user-friendly. So, it is important to choose a certificate provider that provides a user-friendly SSL management console that allow you to manage, reissue, buy, and renew your certificates in just a few clicks.

Issuance Time and Discount Pricing

How fast can they issue your certificate? Most certificate providers can issue their EV SSL certificate within 3 days. But, there are still some good certificate providers that can issue your certificate within hours after your order. Thus, you don't need to wait for days just to protect your website from malicious third-party attacks. You can order a certificate and wait for a few hours before you can use it. Also, take a look at the discount pricing that is available when you buy the certificate for the 2-year validity option, or when you buy multiple certificates.

Encryption System and Support Availability

How strong is the encryption provided by your EV SSL security? You have to take a look at the encryption system that is provided by the EV SSL certificate. Some support ultra-modern encryption algorithms, whereas others may only support several standard encryption algorithms.  This is important to take a look, as it can determine the level of trust from your customers to your website. Another thing that you have to pay attention is the support availability. When you purchase your first EV SSL certificate, you are going to need lots of help from the support team during your first year of using the certificate. Make sure that the support team is always available whenever you need it, and make sure that they respond to your problem as quickly as possible.


Choosing a good EV SSL certificate for your website is the first step to build a strong trust between your customers and your brand. There are three tips that you can follow in order to find the best EV SSL certificate for your website. First, it must provide a user-friendly management console for all of your certificates. Second, it should offer quick issuance time and some discount pricing to save money on your investment. And third, you have to take a look at the encryption system and support availability that are offered by the EV SSL certificate provider.