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Link Interactive is a DIY security protection system for residential customers provided by Link Interactive, a company based in Ogden, Utah, USA. The system used in Link Interactive is powered by The main focus of the company is to provide cost-effective security protection system that helps to protect what matters most in your life.

Custom DIY Security Package

The security system offered by Link Interactive provides custom DIY security packages that you can install for yourself based on your needs. The system is connected with the best central monitoring station and backed up with a reliable cellular system. You can install the security equipment for yourself by putting each of the equipment in the most important places in your home to protect your precious belongings and family members.

The system is proven to be more cost-effective when compared with other security protection systems that offers expert or professional installation and setup. In this way, the system can protect your home from burglary, as well as other emergency situations that may happen anytime.

Central Station Monitoring System

The central station monitoring from Link Interactive provides 24/7 protection for your home, so that you have the protection that you need whenever any emergency situation arises. In the case when your home is invaded and you cannot be reached by the central monitoring station, the security expert calls the local authorities immediately to dispatch help to your home.

It allows you to establish a 2-way communication with the security staff from Link Interactive whenever you need their immediate help. Whatever the emergency situation that you may experience, the monitoring station is always ready to help you anytime you need it.

Cellular System

The cellular system provided by the company is meant to be a backup connection for the regular broadband connection. Your security equipment regularly connects with the central monitoring station through the broadband connection, and send alerts and notifications to them automatically via the internet. However, in the time of internet break down, which is a common occurrence, the security equipment works with the cellular system to send alerts to the monitoring system. In this way, you never risk your home from losing the security protection at the time of internet connectivity shut down or power outage.

The cellular system is reliable enough to become your backup connection until the regular broadband connection is restored. This means more solid protection for your home and family members.

Takeover Security Program

The takeover security program is a program offered by Link Interactive, which allows you to replace your old security system with the Link Interactive security protection system without hassle. With this program, the security experts at Link Interactive can help you to cleanse your old security system and replace it with the new one. Moreover, you can use your old security equipment with the new system, helping you to save money on purchasing new security equipment. Not only that, the security experts from the company can help to set up the state-of-the-art security technology for your home, with an advanced automation system to increase your comfort and security.


Link Interactive allows you to build your own custom security protection system for your home, with an affordable and advanced security equipment technology.

The custom DIY security package allows you to choose your own security package for your home and install the equipment for yourself. The central monitoring station ensures that your home is monitored 24 hours a day, which is always ready to send help to you whenever needed. The cellular system can be used at the time of internet break down, ensuring a reliable security protection for your property. Finally, the takeover security program allows you to use your old security equipment in the new security system, helping you to save money on purchasing new security equipment from Link Interactive.

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