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By: Media Temple, Inc. From USA

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Media Temple is an evolving company in the world of shared hosting but is full of advanced features, attracting professional Web developers. While the offer of several advanced features is tempting, it is off putting for the new developers and budding bloggers who might not have enough knowledge of using them. However, the comprehensive and detailed knowledgebase tends to solve this problem.

Admired for fulfilling the increasing demands for bandwidth, scalability, and speed; the company stands out from the rest famous hosting firms. This is certainly because of its Grid system that takes shared hosting miles beyond its current capability. Therefore, you are ensured of matchless performance, tech support, and scalability with only a single shared hosting plan.

Plan Features

Media Temple provides grid-service hosting on Linux, a more advanced version of shared hosting in the cloud. This shared plan comes with 100 GB premium space, SSD database storage, 1 TB scalable bandwidth, support up to 100 sites and 1000 email accounts on a single account, 24x7 live tech support, PHP5 with fast CGI, updated LAMP stack, custom-built control panel, and CloudFlare with Railgun for boosted performance and protection.

The Grid comes with CloudFlare CDN and Railgun, which defend your site from hackers and phishing scams. Further, the built-in spam detection technology helps the support team to block the new attackers.

One-click software installation is also on offer, which comes with optimized auto-installers for several ecommerce and content management systems. Further, you enjoy multisite domain hosting with sub-FTP users and unique email addresses for every domain.

Further, you can have CloudTech Premium Support offering one-time services for asking company’s certified engineers to install apps, analyze code, and more. This is another unique feature after the Grid system!

The Grid System

Media Temple provides a distinct service named GridContainers, exclusively designed to adjust to traffic spikes and offer scalable MYSQL SmartPool system and dynamic bursting ability. You get scalable MySQL System wherein the SmartPool and GridContainer with dedicated resources control traffic bursts and retain power. The service offers robust scalability on each server clusters working together for delivering fast speed and high performance. This perhaps explains why the plan is costly.

In case you have an unexpected burst of traffic from a social network, the Grid system ensures that your site remain responsive and live despite of the most intense burst. You can optionally add MySQL GridContainer for accessing performance-tuned (unshared) resources for dealing with database-heavy apps like big Drupal sites or Web forums.

Hosting Control Panel

The shared hosting plan comes with a proprietary custom control panel. Unlike other tailored panels with a basic look, this one is well integrated as well as looks professional. You can expect to do any task for managing your site and domains here without compromising on ease of use.


Well, this is the only aspect for which the Media Temple site does not show any claim or guarantee. However, it is not less than 99.9%, thanks to the redundant fiber optic connection linking its two data centers, commercial power supply, on-site generators, and HVAC cooling systems.


There is nothing much in this portfolio. Media Temple offers Adword credits, support for Apache, Perl, Python, and PHP, free domain names, SVN, and Google apps. You can even obtain SSL certificate by paying a significant amount.


With so many technologically advanced features on the grid, Media Temple is analogous to less time in repairing and fiddling with sites and more time in developing them. While this sounds a good deal, you should not mind spending a bit more even if there are cheaper options, in case you wish to experience the Grid.

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