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Mobicip is a parental control and internet filtering software created and developed by Mobicip, LLC., a software company based in USA and India. The company focuses on following the Children’s Internet Protection Act, which is the regulation that gives mandatory rules for schools and libraries to keep a safe internet access for students or children. The company helps to make the internet a safe place for children to explore and learn.

App Monitoring Feature

Mobicip comes with a good app monitoring feature that allows you to monitor each app used by your children on their devices. Each app is linked with its App Store or Play Store page, so that you can review the apps directly from the app page, taking a look at the reviews, description, rating, and price. This feature also lets you to block apps that might be bad for your children, or the apps that may be used too much. Once the app is blacklisted, your children cannot access the app, and when they want to access it, your permission is required to open the app.

Browsing History Viewing

It is normal for your children to access the web via their mobile devices, and as a parent, it is your job to keep them safe during their browsing time. By keeping them safe, it means that you have to ensure that your children are only browsing the websites that are safe for them. You need to protect them from accessing websites that contain any inappropriate content, such as profanity and pornography. This software offers the browsing history viewing feature that allows you to see each website that your children are visiting with their device. You get the complete report for the browsing history on each device, and the software can be set to send the report to your email at a regular interval.

Access Request And Time Limit

Mobicip is a good parental control software that allows you to supervise various aspects of your children’s activity using their device. The access request feature is the feature that allows you to browse certain apps or websites, and then require your children to request your permission when they are about to use those apps or access those websites. If you say yes to their request, your children can access the apps or websites normally. But, if you don’t give them permission, the apps or websites are to remain blocked. Also, with the time limit feature, you can set the time limit for each device’s internet usage, so that it is automatically blocked for your children once they try to access the internet beyond the permitted time allocation.

Custom Filter Options With Advanced Content Filtering

With the custom filter options, you can restrict the internet usage of your children in 3 different ways. The first way is to block certain websites. The second way is to block certain keywords or phrases. And the third way is to block certain site categories. These are the options that you can use to keep your children’s browsing experience safe and protected from bad content. With the advanced content filtering, new inappropriate content is automatically added to the blocked list, thanks to the advanced algorithm that this software uses.

Accountability Mode

The accountability mode is the mode that is suitable for teenagers or older children, and this is an interesting feature provided by Mobicip. With the accountability mode, you can set the users to have unrestricted internet access privilege. However, they need to know that each of their activities is monitored and reported by the software. In other words, your children can browse any website without restriction, but they need to know that they are accountable for their online activity. It gives them a sense of responsibility that helps them to learn how to use the internet wisely.


With Mobicip, it gives all the parental control and internet filtering features that you need to keep your family safe while browsing online. With all the inappropriate content that is rampant on the internet today, children might easily get exposed to the content that they are not supposed to see on the internet. By using this software, you can get the full control of your children’s internet activity, and you can easily monitor what they do online. The control panel provided by this software allows you to control all of your devices, ranging from desktop to mobile devices, at the same time. With a simple dashboard, applying restriction or removing the restriction for your children’s internet usage can be done in just a few clicks.

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