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By: Monitronics International, Inc. From USA

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Monitronics Security is a security system for home and business provided by Monitronics International, a company founded in 1994 and based in Dallas, Texas, USA. The main focus of the company is to provide a complete security solution for home and business users in the United States of America. The alarm response centers from Monitronics Security are diamond-certified and provides uninterrupted and reliable security monitoring system.

Alarm Monitoring

The alarm monitoring system provided by Monitronics Security is available 24/7, allowing you to watch the live video of the security camera from any device that you have. The monitoring system is backed up with the diamond-certified monitoring centers, which are always prepared for emergency situations whenever needed. Each of the security staff has undergone rigorous training and mentoring, which helps to prepare them to respond to any emergency situation immediately. The company also has a backup alarm monitoring center, which can be used in case there is a power outage that prevents the main monitoring centers from going off. This way, you can ensure that your business is monitored 24 hours in a day.  

24/7 Monitored Business Alarm System

The monitored business alarm system provided by Monitronics Security offers a complete protection for your business place anytime you need. In this way, you can prevent anyone from entering your business place and doing some bad activities that may risk your business. The business monitoring system is directly linked to various local authorities, which can be contacted anytime you need help. Not only that, the false alarm prevention system allows you to prevent and reduce any false alarm, which may give you costly fines. This system uses a simple two-way audio verification system, ensuring that your emergency situation is genuine. Monitronics Security operators are certified and 100% proficient in determining your need for help, so that they can send help right away.

Medical Alert System

The medical alert system helps seniors and those with medical conditions to stay safe in their home. Monitronics Security rigorously monitors your home and immediately send medical help at the time when a family member gets injured or in need of immediate medical treatment. The medical pendant equipment that comes with your security system can be used to send instant notification to the monitoring center, so that you can get help immediately with just one press. The medical alert system is directly integrated with your alarm system to ensure the best protection and the fastest response from the support staff.

High-End Security Equipment

Monitronics Security provides high-end security equipment for their clients, which include keypads, cameras, sensors, fire and heat detectors, CO detection, keychain remotes, appliance control, light control, thermostat, medical watch, and door locks. The keypads can be used with the alarm system to give you remote access to your home and business security. The cameras can be used to monitor all of the activities within your home and business, all the time. There are various sensors that you can use along with your alarm system, including freeze sensor, motion sensor, moisture sensor, moving sensor, and vibrating sensor. The fire and heat detectors help you to prevent fire accidents in your home and business, and notify the security staff to dispatch the local fire authority immediately.

Door Locks

With the door lock equipment, you can manage your doors more conveniently and securely from a distance. With this technology, you can either lock or unlock your doors from your smartphone, with only one touch. You can also give a special access code for another person to enter your place securely without triggering the alarm. You can also assign specific codes for other people, which allow them to access your business facility with their assigned codes. The alert system lets you know when the doors are unlocked.


Monitronics Security provides one of the most complete security protections for your home and business. The alarm system is available all day, which allows you to monitor your home and business anytime you want, from any device. The 24/7 business monitoring system allows the security operators to send help immediately when needed, as well as prevent costly false alarms. The medical alert system ensures that your family members get immediate medical attention whenever needed. The high-end security equipment provided by Monitronics Security allows you to protect your property in the best possible way, with various sensors and detectors. Additionally, the door lock system allows you to control your doors from anywhere, ensuring that only approved people can lock or unlock your doors.

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