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mSpy is a desktop and mobile device monitoring software created and developed by My Spy, a software company based in USA. The focus of the company is to help users monitor the internet usage of their family by monitoring their online activities and applying various parental control and internet filtering features. The software is suitable for both family and corporate users that want to increase their online protection and keep their productivity at peak.

Social Network Activity Monitoring

mSpy provides a complete monitoring feature for social networking activities on your desktop or mobile devices. It can be used to track all communication messages via social media apps or websites, so that you know exactly what your users are doing in social media. It helps you to read the chat messages on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, as well as various instant messaging apps like WhatsApp and Skype. It helps you to stay informed about the people that interact with your users, as well as what they are talking about. For parental control, it is helpful to protect your children from communicating with potentially dangerous people on social media.

Monitor Internet Use In Real Time

This software is a good internet filtering and monitoring tool that helps you to monitor the general internet activity of your users. You can get the information about their internet activity in real time. There is no need to do some complicated steps in order to do it. You just need to install the software on your target devices, and it automatically keeps the log of their internet activity. This includes browsing history, search history, bookmarks, internet connection, and so on. You can also use this feature to block any harmful websites in real time, allowing your users access only to the websites that you approve.

Remote Control Access For Your Devices

While you can install this software on any device that you use, you can always control the device usage remotely. The remote control feature is available in mSpy to give you the full control for all of your devices, so that the users can use the device only according to your preferences. This feature is also integrated with the GPS system of your device, allowing you to know the device location any time. The remote control feature enables you to perform device wipe out, lock your device, take a look at the additional device information, and access the control panel for all of your devices.  

Record The Keystrokes And Screenshots Of Your Devices

This software can also act as a reliable keylogger software that allows you to record the keystrokes and screenshots of your devices all the time. It means that you know exactly what the users are typing into their device, and you can also see what they see on screen whenever you need it. In this way, even though the users try to hide their internet activities, you can always take a look at what exactly they are doing when they use their device. This feature is useful to be used mainly in desktop computers with Windows or Mac OSX operating system.

Filter Internet Use With Parental Control Options

As an internet filtering software, mSpy can do its job wonderfully by allowing you to take control of all the websites that your users can visit. You can block any website that you don’t want them to visit, and you can also block any app, software, or program that your users can use on their devices. The parental control options allow you to control the device use of your children and keep them safe from inappropriate content when they are browsing the internet. Even though your children can manage to visit an unknown website that is not on your blacklist, you can also close or block the website remotely in real time.


mSpy offers online activity protection for both mobile device and desktop, allowing you to keep the users in your home or office away from bad websites or internet content. Also, you can block any apps, instant messages, social media activity, calls, and text messages whenever you think necessary. This software also offers a keylogging feature, allowing you to log each keystroke typed by your users on their desktop computer, and provide you with the screenshot of their screen. All in all, if you want a complete internet filtering and parental control software that can provide you with the complete monitoring features, this is the software that you should pick.

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