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MyNewCompany is one of the leading online incorporation services in USA. The official site claims to have incorporated 40,000 businesses and LLC formations. They have been doing this since as early as 2001 and hold A+ rating from Better Business Bureau. They help you with all the legal filing and paperwork related to incorporation but what really sets them apart is the further guidance that they offer in order to protect you against legal and financial liability.

Starting a Business Through MyNewCompany  

The first thing to decide while starting a new company or business is its legal structure. Broadly speaking, there are 4 different structures you can choose from: Doing Business As (DBA), Regular or C-Corporation, S-Corporation, and Limited Liability Company (LLC).

Once you decide upon the structure, choose a state, submit the information and get an instant price quote. Usually, information needed for incorporation include corporation name, corporation business purpose, contact and shipping information, business address, registered agent name and address, share and par value information, name of the officers, name/address of directors, etc.

What's Included in the Incorporation Package?

There are 3 different incorporation packages to choose from. All packages include name availability search and filing of paperwork according to the state chosen. Once the filing is done, you are provided with corporate Bylaws and documents 'ready for signature'. After the formation of the company, you are guided towards the final checklist with step-by-step instructions for opening of bank account, getting a State Tax ID, business license, and other necessary processes required.

The standard filing speed in all the plans is 15 days but you can opt for rush filing services in 8 business days with an additional fee of $50.

Services in all States of USA

This is one distinct advantage you get with MyNewCompany filing services. They have all 50 states covered along with DC. And in most of the states, they have the experience of filing hundreds of documents.

Order Tracking and Management

MyNewCompany uses BEMA, a simple and efficient online ordering system. As soon as the status of your filing changes, it’s automatically updated in your account and you also get an email confirmation. Your information is kept in the system for future orders so that you don’t have to enter your details again. Just login and check the status of your order anytime you wish to.

Alerts and Notifications

There are certain documents, like for instance Annual Report, that you need to file periodically on a recurring basis. MyNewCompany sends out timely, email alerts that serve as reminder well before the due date of filing. Also, if you have subscribed to something that is billed on recurring basis, they will start sending you alerts starting 30 days before the renewal becomes due.

Filing Experience

Ever since MyNewCompany started out their operations in 2001, they have incorporated more than 40,000 companies and LLCs as per claim made on their site. This huge industry experience is more than enough to give you assurance that your incorporation and filing work will be taken care of in the right manner. In the worst and rare scenario of your filing being rejected, they will correct and follow up the issue till it is accepted.

90 Day Refund Policy

MyNewCompany offers 100% satisfaction guarantee, and if anytime you are not satisfied with their services, you can ask them to take corrective action or refund your money. In case of refund, you should contact them within 90 days of buying their services. The refund, however, does not apply to the fees and money paid to the government and third party vendors.

Email and Phone Support

For any help or support query, you can reach them either through email or phone. They have a toll free number for US customers and a separate direct number for international customers. You can also find answers to most of your queries on their FAQ and knowledgebase pages.

Other Services

Apart from their incorporation packages, the company offers many services to assist small businesses. Some of the services includes virtual office agent, business credit building, compliance check, annual report filling, Articles of Dissolution, Articles of Amendment and many more.


MyNewCompany is one of the oldest filing services out there. Their reasonably priced, responsive services are great for entrepreneurs, attorneys and other professionals alike.

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