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In todays hyper-competitive business environment regulatory requirements can be too daunting for any entrepreneur. Though USA already ranks 8th in World Banks Ease of Doing Business report, the federal governments requirements for legal and proper conduct of businesses are still baffling for a small business person, thanks to the level of competition that exists in most markets today. In such a scenario, wouldn't it be better if someone could handle those regulatory nuances for you?

Fortunately, MyLLC does just that. Its a great company that allows you to focus on your business by taking over the burden of regulatory filings from your shoulders. Lets learn more about various services provided by them:

Online Incorporation/LLC Registration Service

Forming an Incorporation/LLC is a procedure that requires a good amount of paperwork to be done in proper manner. Fortunately, MyLLC can help you in doing that online within a few minutes. You just need to fill out an online form after registering on their website, make the payment and thats it!

Registered Agent Service

For states where businesses must have a Registered Agent MyLLC also provides Registered Agent Services. By utilizing their RA services along with their Online Incorporation service you can incorporate any company without having to worry even a bit about it. It can become a “do once and forget” kind of operation.

Free Name Check Service

MyLLC also provides free name check service to help you check the name of your company and ensure that its not claimed already by someone else. This small, free service can turn out to be very useful when youre in the process of incorporating a company.

Business Licensing Service

If your business requires obtaining a license from government, MyLLC can help you with that thing as well. You can utilize their business license service to obtain, manage or verify your licenses, which theyve setup in partnership with LicenseLogix. They offer four different types of business licensing services:

License research service to determine your licensing requirements, which cost $99 per jurisdiction;
License filing service to help you file requests for licenses and obtain them. This service costs $119 per license, per jurisdiction;

License compliance service to help you manage your entire license portfolio and ensure compliance with all required licenses and permits. This costs $99 per year;

And finally, a License verification service that you can use to verify that all your existing licenses and permits are valid. This costs as little as $35 per license, per jurisdiction.
Thats pretty much everything you may need to manage your licenses.

DBA Filing Service

If you dont want to disclose the name of your company in business documents for some reason, “Doing Business As” registration is a legit way to help you do that. It allows you to protect the privacy and confidentiality of your business by permitting you to do business under some other (often fictitious) name. All you need to do is file a request for such a name.

The good news is that MyLLC can help you with that thing as well. You can file a DBA request online using their DBA Filing service. Just contact them, tell your requirements and theyll take care of the rest. When the process is complete theyll FedEx you the documents filed by them.

Copyright Filing Service

Last, but certainly not least, MyLLC can also help you protect your intellectual property by filing for US Copyrights. Just contact them and theyll do it for you.


In short, if you need any kind of regulatory filings related help for your business, MyLLC can help you out. Its a great, highly professional one stop shop to help you fulfil all such requirements. Their services can save you plenty of precious time that you can invest in your business, so you should certainly give them a try.

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