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Norton Family is a parental control software created and developed by Symantec Corporation, a security software company founded in 1982 and based in Mountain View, California, USA. The focus of the company is to provide the users with the best security protection system in the digital age, with the products ranging from antivirus software to parental control solution. The Norton Family software is the software designed to help parents to keep their children safe while doing their regular online activities.

Safe Online Activities For Your Children

Nowadays, children already found their way to connect with others online, whether through social media or instant messaging system. Norton Family ensures that the online activity of your children is safe all the time. With this software, you can protect them from internet predators and generally bad people that your children might encounter during their online communication. They can browse the websites safely without having to worry about inappropriate content. As a parent, you hold the key to their online safety, as you can control every aspect of their online activity. Whatever your children do online, you can know about it, and you can control whether you let them continue or make them stop doing it.

Control The Time Use Of Your Devices

This software offers a neat time management feature that helps you to manage the time spent by your children using their devices. You can do it on both desktop and mobile devices that they use. It is to prevent them from using these devices too much, while neglecting about other responsibilities that they need to do. By allocating the time use of your devices, you can help your children manage their time better and avoid wasting too much time with their social media accounts, playing games, or talking to their friends online.

Flag Unsafe Online Behaviors

Unless you teach your children about the correct habit that they should follow online, your children may not be able to tell the difference between the good things and the bad things that they find on the internet. Thus, Norton Family helps you to handle this problem by giving your children the notification when they perform unsafe behaviors online. In this way, your children can understand that not all things are good for them to do while they are surfing the web. For instance, they can understand about the right way to use social media. Or, the right way to browse the internet. With this flagging system, you can tell your children to keep maintaining a safe online habit.

Location Supervision To Track Your Kids’ Location

Sometimes, your kids need to go somewhere without your direct supervision. At this point, as long as they have this software installed on their mobile device, you can know where they go in real time. This software offers you the feature to allow you to track your device location anywhere, meaning that you can always see where your children are going. This feature is available for the Android and iOS operating systems. With this feature, you can easily find your kids whenever you need them, and you can always find them anywhere.

Monitor Your Children’s Social Media Use

There are many predators that are trying to target children in social media, and thus, Norton Family can help protect your children from such dangerous people. When using the social media platforms, you know exactly what your children are doing in their social media pages. You know who they are interacting with. You know how long they spend their time in their social media pages. You know what comments that they type, and what comments that they get on social media. In other words, all of your children’s social media activities are recorded, tracked, and monitored with this software. You can review their activities anytime using the control panel.


Norton is a brand that has been known for decades as a good and reliable security software provider. With Norton Family, the parental control software provided under the Norton brand, you can ensure that you get the best security protection for your children when they are doing their activities online. You can control their internet activities fully, and protect them from dangerous people and inappropriate content. Every aspect of their online activities can be tracked and monitored, and you can review their activities anytime via the web-based control panel. For a parental control software, Norton Family is one of the best software that you can use to protect your family online, especially your younger family members.

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