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Protect America is a home and business security system provided by Protect America, Inc., a company founded in 1992 and headquartered in Austin, Texas, USA. The main focus of the company is to provide a technologically-advanced security protection system that helps to keep home and business, as well as the society, safely protected. With more than 20 years of experience in the home and business security system, Protect America has been one of the most reputable and most popular security solution in the United States.

Triple Threat Security Protection System

Protect America provides triple threat security protection that helps to protect your business from three main threats: break-in, shattered glass, and suspicious activities. The break-in security protection allows you to protect your doors from forced break-in. The shattered glass security allows you to detect the breaking glass that might be caused by burglars or thieves. The surveillance camera allows you to monitor for suspicious activities that may happen within your business premise, which is always active and accessible from any device.

Glass Break Sensor

The glass break sensor provided by Protect America business security system allows you to monitor the condition of your glass, and detect any break in your glass accurately. If a glass break is detected within your premise, then the sensor automatically sends a notification to you. This sensor is very useful, especially for retail businesses, which often have a large glass window for their product display. While it can help those businesses attract more customers to their store, a large glass window is an easy target for burglars to break in by shattering your glass. The sensor is useful to detect such suspicious activity, and trigger the alarm immediately whenever it happens. Not only that, it also detects the attempt of glass breaking even though the bad person does it silently and very carefully.

Front and Back Door Sensors

The front and back door sensors can be installed on your front and back doors, and you can activate the alarm system whenever someone is entering your premise, either through the front or back door. This sensor is to be activated when you leave your business place, in order to ensure that no one is entering your property without your permission at night. The sensors protect your business premise from either silent or forced break-in, which automatically triggers the alarm whenever a criminal is trying to forcefully enter your business place. Once the alarm is activated, a notification is sent to your device to inform you about the break-in attempt.

Video Security Camera

Protect America provides a surveillance camera to help monitor your business activities. You can access the feed generated by this camera anytime via your smartphone or computer, so that you can ensure that your business is protected from suspicious activities all the time. This surveillance camera is so small that it is almost undetected. In this way, you can monitor your employees, clients, and customers easily with just one click. The camera is paired with an interactive software that allows you to manage the video streaming feed generated by the camera from either your computer or mobile device.

Interactive Broadband Monitoring

All of the security equipment provided by Protect America uses the interactive broadband monitoring technology. The equipment is integrated with your current broadband connection to provide wireless access for you. It means that there are no wires to install, and it gives your business place a better protection, since bad people cannot enter your place without the alarm system being triggered. If any attempt is made for them to break any of the equipment, the system sends an automatic alert, letting you know of the dangerous activity. Also, with this interactive broadband monitoring system, you can access your security system anytime, from anywhere, and from any device.

24/7 Professional Monitoring System with Easy Installation

The security system from Protect America comes with a 24/7 professional monitoring system that allows you to monitor your business security 24 hours in a day. It means that you can access your security monitoring system anytime you need. You can take a look at the video streaming from your surveillance camera anytime you want. You can also get notifications from the security sensors installed in your business place, such as front and back door sensors and glass sensor, whenever there is a suspicious activity happening within your premise. The security experts at Protect America are always ready to help you anytime you need. The installation of the whole security system is also easy, which usually only takes about one hour to complete.

Interactive Monitoring

The interactive broadband monitoring system helps you to interact with your security equipment through the high-speed wireless internet connection, allowing you to monitor your security from any device, at any time. The installation of the whole security system is also simple and easy. Additionally, the 24/7 professional monitoring system helps you to resolve your security problem immediately, as well as contact the security experts at Protect America whenever you need their help.


Protect America is one of the most popular and reputable security system for home and business in the United States. It provides an essential security solution for your business, with the triple threat protection system. This system helps you to prevent the most common security threats for businesses and restaurants, including break-ins, shattered glasses, and suspicious activities within the premise.

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