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By: Protection One Alarm Monitoring, Inc. From USA

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Protection1 is a security system for home and business provided by Protection One Alarm Monitoring, a company founded in 1988 with local offices located throughout the United States. The main focus of the company is to provide peace of mind for individuals and businesses, knowing that their business is securely protected. The company has dedicated employees that are committed to bring the best experience for their customers.

Video Solutions

The video solutions provided by Protection1 allow you to monitor all of your business activities and prevent the occurrence of shopliftings, vandalisms, burglaries, and employee thefts. It offers 1View Cloud, a hosted video solution that stores your security camera videos that you can watch later. The video analytic feature allows you to detect movements within your property, providing you with the best protection for large property that may be difficult to monitor. The alarm event video triggers automatic alarm when something threatening is happening in your business. With the web and mobile security management, you can view the live streaming of your security cameras from the web or mobile devices.

Intrusion Alarms

The intrusion alarms allow you to protect your small business from external threats, such as thefts, burglaries, and vandalisms. Whenever someone tries to break into your business place, the alarm system is automatically triggered, and it sends an emergency signal immediately to the monitoring station. The alarm system is integrated with the fire safety alarm system, ensuring that your business is safe from the danger of fire accidents. It works with various detectors and sensors that are placed within your business area. The video notification service allows you to set your alarm to send video footage of suspicious activities to you as it happens.

Access Control

The access control system provided by Protection1 allows you to lock the access of your building, as well as prevent anyone from entering specific areas within your business place. The access control system also allows you to provide different codes for different employees, so that they can only access certain areas when they have the access rights for it. Whenever someone is trying to forcefully access your doors, the alarm is immediately triggered and alerts are sent to your devices automatically. Moreover, if the threat is serious enough, the monitoring central responds immediately by calling local authorities to be dispatched to your place as soon as possible. This system helps to save money and equipment in keeping your doors securely locked all the time.

Installation and Maintenance

The installation and the maintenance of the security equipment is done by professionals from Protection1, ensuring that your system works perfectly as intended. You can call the technicians anytime you need them, and they can answer your questions relating to the technical problems that you might experience with your security equipment. You can also ask them to come to your place to fix the problem immediately. The Tech Tracker feature allows you to monitor the tech experts that come to your place, knowing their profiles, their arrival time, what they do, and so on. The Maintenance Reward system ensures that you get the best technical maintenance service from the professionals at Protection1. The company even provides you with rewards for your regular security maintenance.

The installation and maintenance service also ensures that your security system works perfectly all the time, reducing the risk of technical problems. The monitoring center is UL listed and FM approved, and it provides professional customer service for your business whenever needed. Finally, the fire and life safety system help to protect your business place, employees, and assets from fire accidents.


The central monitoring station from Protection1 is always ready to respond to any emergency situation immediately. The monitoring center is UL listed and FM approved, ensuring the quality of the service that you get from the security system. The customer service operators that work on the monitoring station are trained and certified to meet the highest standards of the US security protection system. The critical condition monitoring helps to keep your employees working in a safe environment, and it automatically sends alerts when the place is experiencing a critical condition. The asset monitoring helps to protect your assets and prevent anyone from stealing or damaging your assets. There is a backup communication that ensures every emergency signal is delivered to the central monitoring station.

Fire and Life Safety

The fire and life safety feature allows you to keep your property safe from the danger of fire accidents. It uses Nicet Certified Fire Designers, which allow the professionals at Protection1 to design the best route for fire evacuation within your building. The inspection and report service is available to keep everything under control, and prevent fire accidents even before it happens. The fire control panels are easy to operate, and can be used to send immediate help at the time of emergency situation. The fire system devices provided by the company include heat and smoke detectors, which send alerts immediately whenever a potential fire is detected.


Protection1 offers a complete security protection for small business, with an award-winning monitoring center and affordable security technology. The video solutions provide 24/7 video monitoring system to keep your business activities in check. The intrusion alarms respond immediately by sending alerts to the monitoring central when unwanted intruders are trying to enter your building. The access control system allows you to restrict access to certain areas within your building, as well as give your employees different access rights for specific areas within your business.

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