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By: Sareta S.r.l.

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SpyOFF is a virtual private network service provided by Sareta S.r.l., a private internet security company based in Republicca San Marino. The main purpose of the company is to help the users protect their personal information while browsing the internet by providing the private and encrypted network that is free from any data thieves. The VPN service provided by the company helps the users to stay safe and private while doing their daily online activities whether at home or on the go.

Access Any Website and Watch Any Content with Full Speed

SpyOFF is the VPN service that gives the users the ability to access any website and watch any content on the internet. Whether you are being restricted by your government or ISP, you can visit any blocked and censored websites with this private connection on. In so doing, you can enjoy any content that the internet has to offer you without having to deal with the internet laws as imposed by your government. Moreover, you can watch any videos, download any files, or share your important files privately with full speed. When it comes to the connection speed, this private network service offers you the best connection speed available.

Complete Online Privacy with the 256-bit SSL Encryption

Privacy is the first and foremost priority for the users of this VPN service, and it provides the users with the 256-bit SSL encryption that allows them to encrypt the data transmission that they do over the internet. With this type of encryption, which is currently the most advanced encryption system available, you can enjoy the internet without having to reveal your personal data to any third parties. In other words, there is no way for the government, the ISP, and other third parties to take a peek at what you are doing online because your data transmissions are completely encrypted and hidden.

Multiple Logins with Unlimited Server Changes

With SpyOFF, you can easily log into the service through many devices that you have. You can log into the private connection with both your desktop and mobile devices. It also supports the router installation, and it offers flash router purchase for the users that want to get pre-configured private connection for their router. Moreover, this service offers the users with unlimited server changes, meaning that you can switch to different server locations without any restrictions. While other similar services might impose a restriction in the number of servers that you can switch to, this service doesn’t give you such a restriction.

Hide Your IP Address and Prevent DNS Leak

With this VPN service, it is easy for you to stay private and anonymous online. This is because you are hiding your IP address while using the private connection provided by this service. By hiding your IP address, it is impossible for any hackers or other third parties to trace your browsing activity to your real IP address. It also offers the DNS leak protection that helps you to prevent any occurrence of DNS leak, meaning that you don’t need to worry that you might inadvertently reveal your real DNS address due to technical problems or any other reasons.

Secure Any Type of Wi-Fi Network

No matter what type of connection that you are using, SpyOFF is designed to secure your Wi-Fi network anywhere you go. Whether you are accessing the internet using your home network or public hotspots, you can secure your network connection and browse the internet privately and anonymously. It makes it possible for you to do various high-risk online activity such as online banking and online shopping in a non-encrypted Wi-Fi network as they are available in various public places. With the secured and private network as provided by this VPN service, you can do any activity online at home or on the go without worrying about any risk of personal information breach.


With SpyOff you can access any blocked and restricted websites by using this private connection, making it possible for you to achieve the ultimate internet freedom. All in all, if you are looking for a secure and reliable VPN service that can protect all of your online activities, this VPN service is the recommended one to choose.

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