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By: Symantec Corporation

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Symantec Secure Site with EV SSL is an extended security certificate provided by Symantec, an online security company founded in 1982, with world headquarter located in Mountain View, California, USA. The focus of the company is to provide security products for businesses and individuals to protect their online and offline data from various security threats. Symantec EV SSL provides the highest level of security for your website, with website malware scanner and vulnerability assessment.

The Norton Secure Seal

Symantec has been known as one of the best companies that provide security systems for computers, especially with the Norton brand. Norton is a popular antivirus and antimalware program that can be installed on both home and business computers. It is one of the most commonly used antivirus software in the world, with millions of active users worldwide. The Symantect Secure Site with EV SSL provides you with the Norton Secure Seal to give the best assurance for your users before doing any business transaction on your website. This is in addition to the green address bar that is a common feature of the EV SSL certificates. Also, you get Symantec Seal-in-Search to allow safe searching within your website. This feature alone can help to maximize your site conversion significantly.

Daily Malware Scanning

The EV SSL certificate provided by Symantec not only encrypts any data transfer activities in your website, but it also helps you to prevent any security threats from reaching your website and damaging your data. The daily malware scanning, along with the vulnerability assessment, allows you to keep your website protected on a day-to-day basis, which prevents hackers from stealing your confidential data and using the data for their own gain. It also helps you to find the potential problems before they start damaging your system and risking your whole business. With this security measure, you can prevent any fraudulent activities within your website before they happen, as well as give your customers more confidence in your business brand. Moreover, the SSL certificate from Symantec supports 2 types of encryption algorithm within one certificate: the RSA and DSA encryption system.

Symantec SSL Assistant

The Symantec SSL Assistant is a new system developed by Symantec to manage your SSL certificates. The main function of this system is to help you install certificates automatically. It can also help you to automatically generate a Certificate Signing Request (CSR) to give you some information about server compatibility before installing the certificate to your website. The Symantec SSL Assistant software can be downloaded and installed from the official Symantec website. Also, it includes SSL Installation Checker, which helps to revoke and replace your EV SSL certificates for free. EV SSL from Symantec is offered with a $1,750,000 USD warranty, which is a bigger amount of warranty when compared with any similar EV SSL providers.

Trust and Confidence for Customers

Norton is one of the best and most popular security products in the world, and with Norton EV SSL, your website gets the top-notch security and encryption system to protect all of your important data. Once your customers see the green address bar, along with the Norton secure seal, they know that they can trust your website fully. Thus, they have more confidence in their purchase through your website, reducing the instances when your customers leave their shopping cart without buying.


With a big name brand of Symantec, the extended validation SSL certificate provided by this company can give your customers a complete trust and confidence in dealing with your business brand. First of all, it's because of the Norton Secure Seal that you get upon purchasing this certificate, which tells a lot about the security level of your website. Potential customers that see the Norton Secure Seal, in addition to the green address bar, can be assured immediately that your website uses a very strong security encryption for their business transactions. This way, they no longer feel hesitant to complete their purchase in your website. Also, with the daily malware scanning and vulnerability assessment, you can ensure that your website is always protected from any unauthorized third-party access that may threaten the security of your system.

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