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Thawte EV SSL certificate is an extended validation SSL provided by Thawte, a company founded in 1995 and based in Cape Town, South Africa. In 2000, Thawte was acquired by Symantec, and it has been a part of the Symantec security system since then. The focus of the company is to provide a powerful and reliable security authentication system for your websites, delivering your customers the best security protection while browsing and doing business transactions on your website.

The Green Address Bar with Thawte Trusted Seal

Most people won't feel confident to do transactions on websites without any security seal, or even websites that only use a standard SSL certificate for their security. With Thawte Extended Validation SSL certificate, you can no longer experience such a problem. The EV SSL from Thawte offers the highest level of security encryption for your website data and business transactions. With the green address bar that is displayed in your users' browsers, you can be sure that they can see the seal of security on your website. Thus, they have more trust and confidence in your brand, knowing that their transactions are securely processed within your website. Additionally, with Thawte trusted seal, you can show to your website visitors that your brand uses the strongest encryption system to keep their data secure and encrypted at all times.

Confidential Information Protection

The security and privacy of your users are the most important things that you need to take care when trying to establish a good brand reputation online. A website that doesn't give the highest level of protection for their users during their business transactions cannot surely establish a good brand reputation. Moreover, their important financial data may easily be stolen by any unauthorized third party, who might use the data in their own advantages. The EV SSL certificate from Thawte provides the highest level of confidential information protection in any data transfer activity within your website, including shopping, banking, secure log in, and other self-service applications. The encryption system uses 128-bit to 256-bit encryption, with $1.5 million USD warranty available.

Thawte Certificate Center

Once you've purchased the EV SSL certificate from Thawte, you are given a login information to the Thawte Certificate Center. With this information, you can securely sign in to the management console of your EV SSL certificates. All the certificates that you have purchased from Thawte are displayed in one management console, in which you can manage easily. You can also buy new certificates as well as renew your existing certificates with a few clicks from your own management console. You can also add up to 25 domain names on one certificate once you've purchased a SAN (Subject Alternative Name) certificate from Thawte. Additionally, the service offers free unlimited licensing, free reissues, and free base domain for your certificates.

Revenue Potential Increase

The Thawte EV SSL certificate is available in all browsers, across various countries in the world. It means that when you install this SSL certificate on your website, anyone in the world can do business transactions with your website easily and securely. With the green address bar and the security seal provided by Thawte, your website visitors can see the security standard of your website, and thus, they no longer need to worry about putting their confidential information in your website. It can lead to a significant revenue potential increase in your online business.


Thawte Extended Validation SSL certificates are a great security protection for your website and business brand. They give you the highest level and most reliable security and privacy protection for your customers, which allow them to securely do any business transactions and data transfer activities without worrying about the security and confidentiality of their data. The green address bar and Thawte trusted seal give visual assurance for your website visitors, which ensure that their information is securely protected. Not only that, all of the information exchanged between your users and the web servers is securely protected with up to 256-bit encryption system and $1.5 M warranty. With the Thawte Certificate Center, you can securely access the management console to manage, buy, and renew your certificates with a few simple clicks.

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