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Tyco Integrated Security is a business security protection system provided by Tyco Integrated Security, an independent company started in 2012 and part of the Tyco International company. The company has three headquarters, located in Florida, New Jersey, and Ireland. The main focus of the company is to provide the most advanced business security protection in North America to safeguard businesses against disasters, fire accidents, intruders, crimes, and other external and internal threats.

Remote Security Management

With the remote security management feature, you can monitor your business anytime using internet-connected mobile devices. You can easily arm or disarm your alarm system via your mobile device, as well as control the access of all of your business facilities.

With this wireless remote management system, you can also receive alerts and notifications anytime whenever the security alarm is turned on, or whenever someone is accessing or leaving your facilities. This feature is backed by the central monitoring station that is always ready to respond to your emergency alerts immediately. You can also view the live stream of your security surveillance cameras to identify any suspicious activities that are happening in your business facilities in real time.

Efficiency Monitoring and System Adaptability

Tyco Integrated Security provides the efficiency monitoring system to help optimize your business operations. Not only that, you can also monitor the performance of your employees and departments and ensure that everything stays productive for your business. The insights and data analytics provided by the efficiency monitoring system allow you to identify the core problems of your business performance, helping you to fix the performance problem of your business as quickly as possible.

The system adaptability allows you to upgrade your security protection as your company grows. It also provides on-going technical support and security training to ensure that you keep on being informed about the latest security information in your business.

Employee Safety and Safety Compliance

The employee safety protection provided by Tyco Integrated Security ensures that your employees and customers are protected all the time from potential threats, including fire accidents and intruders. The end-to-end safety solutions also ensure that your environment is protected all the time, minimizing the risk of loss and damage of your property.

The security system uses the highest standard of hardware and software that complies with the government regulations. The company ensures that their security services meet the standard safety compliance all the time, with regular inspections, testing, and installation checks.

Loss Prevention System

Tyco Integrated Security helps to prevent the loss of your assets with intelligent solutions. It includes various features, including ATM security, asset tracking, electronic article surveillance, inventory intelligence, radio frequency identification, and source tagging. The ATM security feature helps to protect your ATM machines from any form of thefts. The asset tracking feature helps to monitor the movement of your physical assets in real time.

The electronic article surveillance feature helps to reduce the loss caused by theft and shoplifting. And the inventory intelligence feature allows you to monitor your business inventory by tracking stocks and prevent thieves.


Tyco Integrated Security offers various security solutions for small to large businesses, in various industries. The remote security management system allows you to control and manage your business security via mobile devices, with the central monitoring station that is always ready to respond to your emergency signal anytime. The efficiency monitoring and system adaptability help you to optimize your business performance and adapt your security protection as your business grows.

The employee safety and safety compliance ensure that your employees and customers are always safe within your premise. And the loss prevention system helps to prevent the risk of loss or damage caused by various external and internal factors, including thefts and disasters.

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