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By: Golden Frog, GmbH From Switzerland
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VyprVPN is a VPN service provided by Golden Frog GmbH, a company that provides various security solutions and internet applications. The company was founded in 1994, while the VyprVPN service was launched much later, in 2010. As of 2015, the company offers three main products: VyprVPN (VPN service), Dump Truck (online storage), and Cyphr (encrypted messaging system).

First-Party Servers

VyprVPN uses only first-party servers for its services, which means that they own 100% of the equipment used to deliver a fast and secure VPN connection to its users. It doesn’t use any third-party server or DNS, which may cause certain problems in the future. Thus, the users are assured that they get the best service. Also, it prevents any third-party from logging your internet activities or censoring some of the websites that you are visiting. By providing first-party servers for their users, it can give maximum reliability, security, and performance for your VPN connection.

No Throttling from ISP

The biggest problem of using a VPN server for your connection is ISP throttling. ISP throttling happens when your ISP decides to limit your connection when you are using a VPN server. It means that some VPN services are useless if they are unable to prevent the ISP from throttling the connection speed of their users. This VPN service has an advanced technology to prevent your ISP from reducing your connection. When using VyprVPN, the ISP only sees the encrypted traffic from your connection, and your connection remains unrestricted.

Zero Logging DNS

While some VPN services may log your DNS, thereby recording your internet activities, VyprVPN has a policy called Zero Logging DNS. When you surf the internet using the first-party VyprVPN DNS, your connection is not getting logged in the server. It is securely encrypted, and no one is allowed to take a peek at your internet activities. The Zero Logging DNS feature can only happen because this service uses its own servers for their user connection. This feature also prevents any third-party from manipulating your DNS requests, as well as monitoring the websites you have visited.

VPN Blocking Prevention with Chameleon Technology

Some countries and ISPs may block VPN access. So, even though you are trying to access certain websites using any VPN service, it simply cannot be done. The website is blocked either by your country or ISP. Fortunately, there is the Chameleon technology, which is a technology developed by VyprVPN to prevent any VPN blocking, and this technology is evolving every day. This way, you can use this VPN service even though your country or ISP doesn’t allow any VPN connection, thus allowing you to access any website freely wherever you are.

NAT Firewall Security

Although this feature is not available in the basic plan, it can add more layers of security to your connection. This security feature is installed on the VyprVPN servers, so you don’t need to configure it manually. It mainly protects your device from any unrequested inbound traffic when you are connected with this VPN service. This is useful if you are sharing your connection with multiple devices, in order to keep the connection free of any third-party’s unrequested inbound traffic. So, in some ways, although you already have a firewall on your operating system, NAT firewall can give an advanced protection for your connection.


If you are looking for a VPN service provider which provides additional layers of security, without any restriction from your country or ISP, this is the best service to use. With Zero Logging DNS, you are able to browse the internet without being monitored by any third-party, as this service uses its own servers to operate all its technology. Thus, it can provide you with the best reliability and performance for your connection. With support for multiple devices and platforms, you can use this service from any device that you own, with up to 3 simultaneous connections.

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