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WebinarNinja is a webinar hosting platform that comes with an array of features to enhance the experience for the host as well as the viewer. It allows one to host live as well as automated webinars, and provides avenues for engagement, as well. The tool also takes care of the landing pages for the webinar, and the availability of the offer section within the webinar is also a useful feature for the host.


  • Allows one to host four different kinds of webinars.
  • It doesn’t take much time to create a webinar on the platform.
  • Dedicated sections for Q&A and live chat.
  • Takes care of landing pages.
  • Comes with multiple integration options.
  • Useful layout options for the webinar screen.


  • Can’t host a webinar for longer than two hours.


Webinars have added a new dimension to the sales and marketing industry. Businesses, big and small, around the world are now leveraging the power of scarcity and using webinars to their advantage.

Webinars bring them more revenue, leads, publicity, customer loyalty, and so much more. We can go on and on with the advantages of webinars all day long, but we guess you already get the gist here.

It is also obvious that entrepreneurs and businesses around the world want easier ways to organize webinars and boost their businesses. They might have different reasons as to why they want to organize these webinars, but all of them want it to be easy enough to host one. And it should also have some features that would help them achieve their goals.

In this review, we will go through all the features of WebinarNinja and tell you if the platform delivers what it promises. You will get a better idea of how easy or difficult it is to host webinars using this tool and how good are the auxiliary features on the platform.

Creating webinars

Let us begin with the most important task that you would be doing on this platform, that is, hosting a webinar.

WebinarNinja shines bright in this section as it takes only a few clicks to create a webinar, and they even manage to serve you with multiple webinar options in the span of a few clicks.

The first thing you need to do before creating a webinar is to choose the type you want to host. The tool comes with four options in this matter- live, automated, series, and hybrid. Let’s have a brief look at these webinar types.

Live webinar: These are the conventional kind of webinars that most users would want to create. It will involve the user going live and interacting with users. There will also be the usual features of a webinar, such as the chat and Q&A section.

You would create live webinars when you want to go live and share your message with all the registrants.

Automated webinar: It isn’t always possible to go live. And if you keep finding new registrants over a span of time, then it can be a tiring job to host the same webinar again and again. The automated webinar allows the user to host past webinars or recorded videos at specific dates and times.

While this kind of webinar will save you from repeating yourself again and again over multiple webinars, the downfall is that you will miss out on the interaction part. There won’t be a live chat feature. However, you would still be able to set up polls and offers on the webinar.

You can schedule automated webinars daily, weekly, monthly, or in any other way as you prefer.

Series webinar: Under this option, the viewers can register only once and get access to a series of webinars that you host. The webinars can be both live as well as recorded. The series webinar option might come in handy in scenarios when you want to deliver courses or conferences that span over multiple days.

Hybrid webinar: A hybrid webinar takes all the benefits of an automated webinar and eliminates all the unwanted features. In a hybrid webinar, you can host a recorded webinar or video, while being present to interact with viewers at the same time. Unlike the automated webinar, hybrid webinars come with the option of live chat, thus allowing you to have the best of both worlds.

Let’s get back to the webinar hosting process.

Once you choose as to which kind of webinar you would like to host, the subsequent options will be based on the same. If you pick the live webinar, you will have to name the webinar, specify the date and time, choose between free and paid registration mode, and you will be good to go.

If you go with an automated webinar, the choices will be slightly advanced. You will have the option to set up the webinar for a specific date and time, or you can host it as something like video-on-demand. If you decide to go with a fixed schedule, then you get to specify how often you want to host the webinar.

In the case of the webinar series, they ask you to mention the number of webinars you will have in the series, and then you need to specify details of individual webinars of the series. You will also need to mention the scheduling details. If the webinar has a recorded video, then you will have to upload the respective video, as well.

And this is all it takes to create a new webinar on this platform. It is only a matter of a few minutes in most cases.

The webinar features

Creating a webinar is probably the easiest part of the entire job. The actual magic happens when the webinar goes live, and the interaction begins. It is at this stage that the webinar host wants to have all the features that would help in getting the viewer’s attention, and help in improving the engagement, as well.

Let us have a look at what has WebinarNinja got to offer to make webinars more profitable for hosts, and more engaging for viewers.

The ‘studio’ comes with a neat interface and a clean layout. You will not have your screen cluttered with all kinds of distracting options. Instead, you will have all the control over how much you want to interact with the elements of the webinar.

Let us first be done with the most obvious features of a webinar.

The chat window will always be available on the right side of the screen, irrespective of the layout you choose for the webinar. If the registrant used their social profile to sign-up for the webinar, then you will also have their profile picture in the chat window, making the whole experience ever so slightly more personal.

Depending on the kind of webinar and the mode through which you want to deliver the knowledge, you would want to arrange the elements on the screen in a specific order. WebinarNinja comes with multiple layout options to allow you to deliver the best possible webinar experience.

There are five layout options. The first one goes back and forth between the webcam and the slide that you have shared. However, often you will have more than just one slide and the webcam feed to showcase in a webinar.

There can be co-hosts to the webinar, and you might also want to share the screen at some moments when static slides turn out to be insufficient.

The layout options on WebinarNinja keep you covered for such situations. You can have all slides, screens, and hosts appear on the screen at once. All these windows can be the same size, have the emphasis on just one window, or maybe maximize two windows at once for a better experience.

We don’t think that anyone will feel a lack of options in the layout section.

The platform lets the uses share videos, slides, and screens. You can use any of the options to deliver a better experience for users.

Another noticeable feature of WebinarNinja is that if offers separate sections for chat interactions and questions. All the questions asked by viewers appear at the bottom of the display screen.

Segregation of live chat and questions allow both the host and viewers to locate questions with ease. Webinar hosts often miss questions in the swarm of chat messages. And even if they manage to answer the question, a sense of confusion always prevails, since it is difficult for viewers to find out the question for which they got the answer.

The bottom of the display window also houses the sections for polls and offers. Polls are a great tool to get a pulse of what the audience needs, and also to improve the engagement rate by allowing the viewers to form a consensus over a topic.

Offers allow you to take care of the revenue. The availability of the call to action button on the webinar window itself makes things easier for the host as well as the viewer. You can specify when do you want the offer to appear after the start of the session, and there are also a few options to pick for the layout of the offer button.

You can edit the offer buttons well before the start of the session, and use all your creativity to make the offer more appealing to the user.

All these features collectively make it a cakewalk for the host to take care of the webinar. And for viewers, things get a bit more pleasant, as well.

Landing pages and other communications

Getting people on board to attend the webinar if often going to be the sole priority when you set out to host one. There are many ways to invite people to attend the webinar, and having a landing page is one of them.

The usual advantage of a landing page is that it focuses a lot on the call-to-action, and therefore, more effective at getting conversions as compared to usual web-pages.

WebinarNinja allows the user to create landing pages or all the webinars, thus making it easier for the user to take care of the marketing.

There is a registration page template option for all the webinars you create on the platform. It takes just one click to reach the landing page template, and you can modify all the details accordingly.

WebinarNinja provides four kinds of themes to create the registration landing page. It may sound like nothing at first, but since you will be creating landing pages for webinars, the four themes provide enough options to take care of most styles.

The four themes are named minimal, detailed, neat, and detailed video. And the names explain what these themes are all about. It is easy enough to modify these templates. You can change the color scheme, insert images and videos, embed social links, and much more.

We have rarely come across landing page builders that make it so easy for the user to create landing pages. We guess the ease is a result of the need for landing pages for only one reason. But we don’t want to take anything away from WebinarNinja as they have created an impressive landing page section.

A user registering for the webinar is only a part of the job. You still need to make sure that they attend the webinar. In a lot of cases, especially in the case of a free webinar, things only make sense for the user if the registrants actually attend the webinar.

WebinarNinja comes with an email notification section where you can take care of all the email notifications that go out to the registrants. You can set up custom emails for when they sign-up for the webinar, to send them reminders for the webinar, and also to send a thank you note once they have successfully attended a webinar.

There is also the option to add more email notifications for webinars if you feel the need to have a few more.

The platform provides the user with enough options to make sure that a substantial number of people not only register but show up for the webinar. The inbuilt marketing tools are a great addition for anyone planning on hosting a webinar.


There is a lot associated with webinars other than the hosting part. If it is a paid campaign, then you would want to integrate a payment gateway. If the webinar was meant to gather more leads or to give your business some exposure, then a CRM integration might make sense.

The good news is that WebinarNinja comes with multiple integration options. For the payment, they have a direct Stripe integration option, and for everything else, there is Zapier.

Zapier alone adds more than 1000 integration options for the platform, and you can easily integrate the email marketing or CRM software you are using for the business.

Most of the times, you will acquire leads with the webinar, and the option to have those leads seamlessly integrated into the marketing tool will make life a lot easier for the user.

If you are not satisfied with the kind of landing pages available on WebinarNinja, then you can use the integration option to import the page from the landing page builder of your choice.

Integrations make a tool more capable than it usually is, and there are enough integration options on WebinarNinja to make sure you make the most out of this tool.

Analytics and stats

Stats and numbers are key to progress. It’s one thing to make decisions based on intuition and what you feel, and an entirely different with the backup of numbers.

Numbers not only allow you to make better decisions but also make it a lot easier to monitor the progress. WebinarNinja provides the user with individual as well as the collective data of webinars.

It starts providing you with data right from the beginning. As soon as you get on the dashboard, you will see the number of registrations and webinars on the platform.

The statistics section further shines more light on the numbers associated with webinars. You can see the number of registrants, attendees, and replay viewers for all the webinars. It will show you how much time you spent in the studio, and how much of it was for preparation.

The section also gives you the percentage of viewers actively participating in the webinar.

It will depend on users how they work with all this information make strides in the right direction. But WebinarNinja provides them with pretty much everything that might be needed in the process.


So, what do we make out of WebinarNinja?

Let’s start by saying that if you are looking to get into hosting webinars, then WebinarNinja is among the better choices you will have at your disposal.

It will provide you with the option of hosting different kinds of webinars, including the live and pre-recorded ones.

The tool keeps the engagement and interaction sections clean with specific sections for chats, questions, and polls. The offer section allows one to take care of the revenue, as well.

You can provide the users with a rich experience by having multiple hosts, including slides, and doing much more on the webinar. Managing a live webinar on the platforms seems like a cakewalk.

They didn’t disappoint us in the marketing department. You can create landing pages for the webinar, send out email notifications, and integrate third-party apps to make things even better.

Finally, the statistics section makes sure that you have all that you need to improve upon your webinars and monitor the progress.

WebinarNinja comes with a 14-day trial period for the subscription plans, and one should use this opportunity to get a sense of what this tool is about. We would encourage our readers to try out the tool.

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