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Wufoo is an online form builder tool provided by Survey Monkey Inc., a company that produces the software to create online surveys. Before being acquired by Survey Monkey Inc. in 2011, the software was developed and provided by the main developers of Wufoo since 2006. Survey Monkey Inc. is headquartered in Palo Alto, California, USA.

It is available in four basic pricing options with a free basic plan.

Easy-to-Embed HTML Form Builder

The form that you create using Wufoo can be used in any place within your website, because once you’ve created your form, you get the HTML embed code, which you can put in anywhere you wish it to appear. For instance, you can put it in your web page, blog, newsletter, or even your Facebook page. The embed code allows you to easily put your form anywhere online, wherever you need it. You are also provided a zip file which contains the HTML and CSS code of your form so that you can put it in your database, just by copying the code to it.

Intuitive Form Building Tools

The software allows you to intuitively create your form, so that you can build your form in the easiest way possible. The drag and drop mechanism is made to be easy to use and intuitive, so that you can finish building your form quickly. All form elements are available in the form builder tool that you can simply drag to the form creation area. Thus, you are able to create the form according to your needs, without putting any unnecessary elements into it. Not only that, with the Theme Designer feature, you can change the look and feel of your form so that it can match with the look and feel of your website. There are various templates that you can choose for your form.

Data Validation

Your form is equipped with the data validation system that prevents users from submitting incomplete data into the form. This means that you can ensure to get only complete data from your users. When the users try to submit their data without completing all required information, the users can see the error message that shows which information they need to fill before they click submit again. There is also the smart captcha feature that prevents spammers from submitting fake data into your form.

Advanced Analytics

Wufoo provides an advanced analytic system that allows you to monitor your form activities and performance. It helps to determine the effectiveness of your form, and give some ideas, whether improvements are necessary for it or not. The analytics data are presented based on various aspects, such as page views, region, conversion, error rates, and submission times. You can also compare the data from the current version of your form with the previous version of your form, which allows you to measure the effectiveness of your improvements.

Easy Payment Settings

The software is integrated fully with various payment processors that you can use to sell your products, such as PayPal, Stripe, Authorize.net, and more. Setting up a payment system on your form is also simple, and you need to follow only three steps: select payment processor, select currency and payment settings, and assign price for your products. Since the payment integration feature is available within the Wufoo software, you don’t need to add any code to your form just to set up the payment system.


Wufoo is a comprehensive online form builder that you can use if you want to create a fully featured form for your website. With the easy embed feature, you can put your form anywhere online, and start collecting data from your blog, email, or Facebook page. This is a good feature because it provides the maximum flexibility for you to use all available web platforms for the advantage of your business. Also, with the analytics feature, you cannot lose track of your form performance, which allows you to keep improving the effectiveness of your form from time to time.

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