2020 Cap

2020 Cap

By: 20-20 Technologies

2020 Cap is a software that helps users to design offices and workspaces. The 2020 Office products come attached with the latest features and effective tools that make office floor planning easier than ever before. The professionally designed software helps to inspire and create modern-day offices, added with a dash of creativity and innovation.

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Top 2020 Cap Alternatives
  • WPS Office
  • Office 365
  • Publist

Top 2020 Cap Alternatives and Overview


WPS Office

Formed by a Zhuhai-based Chinese Company KINGSOFT Office, WPS Office is one of the leading office suites used across the globe.

By: Kingsoft Software Inc.
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ONLYOFFICE, also known as OnlyOffice, headquartered in Riga, Latvia, is an Office suite designed by Ascensio System SIA.

By: Ascensio System SIA
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Office 365

Microsoft Office or MS Office is a world-renowned office suite with the most advanced and comprehensive features.

By: Microsoft
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Publist, now known as Rethink Files, is a new age platform that allows users to have an all-comprising view of the cloud services they use for storing and transferring data.

By: Publist
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2020 Cap Review and Overview

2020 has been established to enable the best interior design and furniture ideas, which makes everything pleasing to the eye and improves overall efficiency. It provides a wide range of end to end solutions, meant for designers, retailers, and manufacturers, enabling them to create visually stunning products and designs.

Planning made easy

2020 brings the most advanced tools to the office space, which means that the employees can now increase the speed of the design process by leaps and bounds and improve the project accuracy. The automation tools, designed by the industry experts, aims to reduce repetitive tasks so that users can work with increased productively.

Designing with real products

2020 is proud to mention that it has the world's biggest collection of management catalogues, which helps the users of its application to develop with the help of real products. With the massive collection of thousands of catalogues that are already built-in unto the 2020 platform, users can create smooth, seamless, and streamlined office spaces.

2020 Worksheet

The 2020 Worksheet is an advanced tool that helps users generate accurate and precise quotations for office furniture and similar expenses. The Worksheet platform supports and seamlessly integrates with 2020's Cap and Cap complete software. The Worksheet provides a single platform from which the users can conduct various operations, such as calculating standardised discounts, reports, ordering enquiries, and much more.


2020 offers its clients a wide range of products suited for all kinds of offices and available for every budget. Moreover, potential clients can also use the trial version of the software to gauge how the product helps them improve the overall atmosphere of the workspace.

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